• Addiction Treatment LA

Addiction Treatment LA

If you feel like you’ve hit a “bottom” that goes lower than you ever thought you would, it may be easy to give up hope.  You may feel totally powerless, wanting desperately for things to change, but unsure of how [...]

  • Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Detox

Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Detox

If you have attempted to get sober on your own, you know that discontinuing your drug or alcohol abuse is harder than some might think. It may not make sense to you why you can’t “just quit,” but you can [...]

  • Alcoholism Rehab Center

Alcoholism Rehab Center

Alcohol is a drug so normalized and ubiquitous that it can be difficult for some people to recognize when they have become addicted or their use is causing problems. In 2014, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported [...]

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