How Do I Know I Need Treatment?

Have you tried to stop on your own and failed? Do you find that it takes a lot more alcohol or drugs to get the experience you seek? Are your family and friends concerned about you? Are you irritable, short tempered, having trouble at your job, in your marriage, with the law? All of these could indicate that you need to find an affordable addiction treatment center like Gooden.

What Will Happen When I Come To The Gooden Center?

You will be welcomed at the beginning of your journey into a community of individuals who have successfully been down the very road that awaits you. Experienced peers, trained clinicians and staff make up the incredible community that will support you and guide you during the recovery process.

How Long Will The Program Last?

At The Gooden Center each client participates in developing his own discharge plan. There is no fixed program duration. Our minimum length of stay in residential treatment is 30 days. Most of our clients transition through several levels of care, including Sober Living and Intensive Outpatient. And after you leave, our program includes FREE weekly Counselor Led After Care sessions for as long as you choose to continue.

Is Family Treatment Available?

Absolutely! We strongly advise participation in our after care family session. Currently only available on our Substance Abuse Treatment program, the After Care Family Group is an essential aspect of the post-treatment landscape. We are working hard to add this track to our Mental Health Program as well, while we currently offer a level of education on Mental Health Treatment to our client’s families.

Will Insurance Cover My Treatment?

In many cases, yes. Gooden has contracts with most of the biggest insurance companies. Plus you may be eligible for one of our Alumni Scholarship programs. If money is an issue, talk to us. Never neglect treatment because of lack of funds.

Can I Continue To Work During My Treatment?

If we assess you as being eligible for our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) we encourage you to maintain your regular work schedule. Normal human and community interaction can be very therapeutic.

What Should I Bring With Me?

Personal toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, etc. Other than this we provide everything you will need, including pillows. If you are in our residential treatment center, cell phones may only be used in the presence of a staff member. Bring walking shoes and clothes for exercise, any prescription medications, and a jacket. Even in summer the evening can be chilly. But your time at Gooden will be warm and rewarding.

Get help today and start a new life.

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