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A residential drug treatment center for men located in Pasadena, CA. The Gooden Center is a proud member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

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3 Ways To Drop Your Inhibitions Without Drinking Or Drugs

Nervous business man

A lot of guys I’ve spoken to tell me the same thing: they started using drugs or alcohol to drop their inhibitions around girls. There’s something almost romantic about it. A shy teenager goes to a party and has his first taste of alcohol. A few drinks in and he is finally able to speak to the girls he
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Are You Suffering From Death Anxiety?

Sad Woman

For years, I never spoke about my death anxiety. It wasn’t a topic that came up, even in therapy. It seemed like talking about it would only make other people miserable, and so I tried my best to deal with it on my own.

The first time I remember experiencing death anxiety was when I was about fifteen. It terrified
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Why Are Addiction And Codependency Linked?

3 Ways To Drop Your Inhibitions Without Drinking Or Drugs

If you or a loved one are working through an addiction problem, you've probably heard the term “codependency.” Addiction and codependency seem inextricably linked. Codependent relationships are certainly not unique to people battling addiction, and just about everyone is part of or knows of a codependent relationship. However, when it comes to addiction, there is a particularly strong link.

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How To Have Fun Without Drinking

3 Ways To Drop Your Inhibitions Without Drinking Or Drugs

As recovery professionals, we repeatedly have to explain even to people who have never struggled with alcoholism that you can have fun without drinking. And in rehab, recovering addicts generally spend more time focusing on the “serious” stuff than on thoughts of having fun. “Learning to have fun” is not a common reason given for going to rehab.

However, neglecting
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4 Non-Addictive Ways To Manage Insomnia

3 Ways To Drop Your Inhibitions Without Drinking Or Drugs

Bedtime is difficult for many people suffering with various mental illnesses, not only addiction. At night, lying in bed, our thoughts can easily turn to all the most difficult aspects of our lives. We ask the unanswerable questions, remember everything we’ve ever done wrong, and worry about getting enough sleep.

However, insomnia presents a particular problem for people struggling with addiction,
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