The Bishop Gooden Guild

There is a saying around the Gooden Center:

We treat families.

Since our founding in 1962, The Gooden Center has regularly and thoughtfully evolved to address the needs of the times. We have seen the challenges of this year and, thanks to our family at TGC, we have overcome.

“Be an angel – Join Today”

The call rang back in 1962. A plea to join a giving society, a family, in support of our mission. We ask today that you join us once again on this journey. Join us as part of a new family.

The Bishop Gooden Guild

A giving society of “Angels” to aid The Gooden Center in it’s mission:

Health & Wellness For Our Community.

Giving Tiers


  • Recognition on a Framed Donor Plaque at the Main House of The Gooden Center.



  • Recognition in TGC Newsletter.
  • Recognition at Annual Event.



  • An Engraved Stone Tower in The Gooden Center Meditation Garden.
  • Invitation to Annual Event.



  • Engraved Gratitude Plaque.
  • Presented by Status at The Run for Recovery.



  • Engraved Donor Wall Placement.
  • Legacy Spot on the grounds of The Gooden Center.


  • All giving tiers are cumulative and build on each other.

  • Donor Wall Designed & Constructed by the Boy Scouts of America.

  • Each member starting at the mentor level would receive a special quarterly newsletter & report on donations.

We are treating families.

Only with our collective & sincere engagement with you can we meet the challenges of the last year. only with you can we continue to help others.

Begin the next step in your life.

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