We Are In-Network and Contracted with Most Insurances

As a nonprofit, Gooden is completely committed to accessibility. Clinical excellence should not be reserved only for individuals with thousands of dollars to spend on treatment. We are an in-network provider and a preferred provider for most insurance companies. Our self-pay rates average 65% less than for-profit facilities. The care continues long after graduation, as the Gooden Center offers therapeutic aftercare, at no cost, forever, for the client and their family.

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Mental Health

The Gooden Center provides comprehensive, client-centered mental health treatment for men and women. Our team of experienced clinicians provide care in our peaceful, residential settings for a variety of diagnosis. Each tract has an appropriate set-down from inpatient to outpatient to transitional care.


Substance Abuse

Since 1962 The Gooden Center has provided addiction treatment to men in a residential setting. Combined with our outpatient and sober living programs, we provide a recommended 90 day track of service to those suffering from drug addiction. We are also equipped and fully licensed to do sub-acute detox services.


Why The Gooden Center?

Since 1962 we have been providing substance abuse treatment for men and women in home-like, residential centers.

Our mental health treatment facilities, established in 2017, provide the same model for those struggling with a myriad of mental health disorders.

Each program is distinct and uniquely tailored to the client-centered care we deliver everyday.


A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Board Member Alex Winter welcomes you to The Gooden Center.

As a nonprofit organization, the most valuable resources we’ve had is the quality of our treatment and the relationships we have made in our 60 year history.

To become a part of that legacy, please donate to The Gooden Center. Give the gift of hope.


People get well at The Gooden Center.

Through intense clinical, holistic, and experiential therapies, The Gooden Center provides the tools needed to gradually re-enter society and have an independent, fulfilling, and productive future.

Our programs are specifically tailored to men and women in mental health and substance abuse recovery. We are not a psychiatric hospital, but rather a unique home where people can coexist with like-minded peers also striving for a higher quality of living.

The Gooden Center was awarded a license by the state of California to deliver mental health residential treatment and is accredited by CARF for mental health services. We have created a program which is safe, supportive, and enriching to our clients and their loved ones.


“I went here. I went there. Then I came to The Gooden Center.”

“This is Frankie in Phoenix, AZ (2009 alumni) just dropping you a note to say hello. Hope you’re doing well and thank you for helping me get sober. Still not drinking any alcohol since January 20, 2009. Sending you my thanks and my love. Hope you’re doing well and I hope this message finds you.”

Frankie Z.

“Bishop Gooden Home has offered me the perfect environment for establishing a solid foundation of recovery. I came to BG because I was about to relapse again and I felt this was my only hope of avoiding disaster. Now I am enthusiastic again about attending A.A. and G.A. meetings, working the steps, having a sponsor and praying for strength from a power greater than myself. Thank you “BG” from the bottom of my heart.”

Randy J.

“I found a great sponsor from the Gooden Center alumni, and we are vigorously working the 12 steps. Gooden Center is an anchor in my life – a vital part of my recovery.”

Adam H.

“Bishop Gooden Home has given me a chance to turn my life around. My family and friends are grateful they are getting the old Tom back.”

Tom C.

“The fellowship and camaraderie I’ve gained are amazing. I loved my time here and the freedom I had as it helped me step back into the real world.”

Nathan C.

We are The Gooden Center.  We are family.


Get Help Today And Start A New Life

We provide effective care, ongoing support, and family inclusive opportunities that insure lifelong health for its clients challenged by mental health illness and substance use disorders.

In our vision, every individual receives the help they need in order to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety and a state of mental, physical and emotional health.

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