Christian Based Recovery

Using the Holiday Season As Motivation

One of the best ways to help yourself and support your healing is to help other people.  Doing good for others fills your day with good feelings of gratefulness from people you helped, takes your mind off your own problems, [...]

  • Aligning Body, Mind and Spirit

Aligning Body, Mind and Spirit

At first glance, addiction may seem like mostly a physical issue – something you’re putting in your body. However, as satisfying an addiction becomes an all-consuming obsession affecting your every thought, continued drug use can have very devastating impacts on [...]

Fieldy Finds The Lord in Recovery

Reginald Arvizu is known by his stage name Fieldy. He brought a noteworthy blend of slapping and fingerstyle bass playing to the band Korn, catapulting it into a world famous and extremely influential rock band, credited with inventing the “nu [...]

Applying Christian Values in Recovery

Within almost any religious faith, there are people who have found resources for working on recovery from addiction within that tradition. Addiction is about living an out of control and powerless life, and so our healing can be greatly helped [...]

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