For those who have never dealt with addiction or are still in the early stages of recovery, they may not understand the importance of twelve step meetings. People can feel resistant to going to meetings at first but over time they will start to appreciate the benefits of having group support. They can start to work toward their sobriety goals and structure their day around the meetings to keep them motivated.

In the early stages of recovery it can be useful to go to meetings as often as possible to help deal with more intense cravings. The first few months of sobriety can be the hardest in terms of cravings and having people to talk to about what you are going through can help you make it through. Many people attend meetings everyday when they are starting their recovery because they find it so helpful.

People find AA meetings useful because it gives them a safe space to discuss their addiction where they won’t be judged. Everyone in the room has been through many of the same things and it can be a very grounding and healing experience to listen and talk about some of your painful secrets. Meetings keep people connected to others in recovery so that they have support when they are going through difficult times.

The longer a person is in recovery, they might start to go to meetings less often when they feel stronger. However, many still attend a few meetings a week even long after they have become completely sober. The connections that they make in the meetings can help them manage what is a lifelong illness that is never fully cured.

AA meetings are easy to find and provide a good support system that can be beneficial even after many years of sobriety.