Drug Rehab Program

Going to rehab is not the end of your substance abuse struggles. There are no quick fixes or magic panaceas that can make your addiction go away. Sobriety is going to take a full commitment to do everything you can to radically turn your life around, and commit to staying with the program one day at a time.  However, while it won’t solve all your problems instantly, a quality rehab program can offer vitally important resources to support your sobriety.  At a quality treatment center, the rehab process should be designed by compassionate and experienced staff specifically for your needs.  With a low staff to client ratio, and a comfortable homey setting in Pasadena, the Gooden Center can be a fantastic example of the kind of center that can offer real help as you seek to rebuild your life from the ravages of substance abuse and addiction.

Drug Rehab Programs in LA

The Los Angeles County Department of Health reports that drug use is the fourth leading cause of premature death, and the highest percentage of felony arrests. Thousands of people’s lives in Los Angeles and surrounding communities have been devastated by drug use, trapped in a cycle of addiction that can harm all aspects of their well-being and bring pain to those who love them.  To try to stop this epidemic, there are many rehab centers in the area where people can receive treatment for substance abuse and addiction issues.  One of these, The Gooden Center, offers men single-gender, 12-step derived and evidence-based treatment that has given many people a satisfying opportunity to change your life in a gentle, home-like setting.

Getting the Most Out of Drug Rehab Program in CA

Recovery.org lists 1,447 drug or alcohol addiciton treamtent centers in California, more than any other state. There are a lot of choices out there, and it may feel a little overwhelming to find which center is truly going to be helpful to you. Here are a few things that you can look for to see if a particular rehab center is right for you:

  • Evidence-based treatment – The  facility and its staff are open to experimenting to see what may work, but ultimately build your treatment upon programs that have been shown, through scientific studies, to most make a difference for people in recovery.
  • A safe and comfortable atmosphere – Getting through addiction is going to be a difficult process, so you want a setting that cares about your comfort. You should be surrounded with opportunities to feel grateful, so look for beautiful, relaxing facilities where you feel good about how you will be cared for.
  • A large and well-trained staff – A true addiction care specialist has the passion and the knowledge to combine knowledge from several different fields and creativity put them together to contribute to a part of  your recovery process. Not everyone who works at every rehab center may be fully aware of the unique needs of a person struggling with addiction.  You want someone with the knowledge to give you the best help possible, but also is able to be personal enough to offer real help and encouragement to you.
  • Flexibility – What works for one person may not work for someone else. That means that you should be suspicious of people who claim to have found the “one thing” that works for everyone, or places where you might feel forced into a “one-size-fits all” program. There should be several options available to you, and staff should take the time to find out your needs and experiences, and what they can best do to support you.

What to Do After Drug Addiction Rehab

Rehab is not the end of your journey, but only the beginning. In a very real sense, addiction is not something that can ever be “cured” but something that can be managed through awareness and work on how to best care for yourself.  Like many rehab centers, Gooden offers a variety of aftercare resources, such as sober living, outpatient sessions, and 12-step meetings that can help you continue to prioritize your sobriety and make it through the challenges of life.