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  • Addiction Illustrated With Fast Food And Brain Activity In Class

How Addiction Triggers Can Affect the Brain

Most people have experienced how certain sights and smells can trigger memories or cravings for food, alcohol or smoking. People in addiction recovery must cope with these triggers on a regular basis in order to prevent relapse. Studies have shown [...]

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How Drug Addiction Can Affect the Brain

No matter how much someone goes through as a result of their drug addiction, they will find it very difficult to quit because of the way that drugs can change the way their brain works. Drugs affect a person’s brain [...]

  • An Overview of Al-Anon and ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics)

Driving Under the Influence

For the safety of yourself and everyone else on the road, it is a good rule to never drive under the influence of any drug. However, there are many misconceptions among drug users who believe that they may be more [...]

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Ecstasy and Memory Problems

People who frequently use “party drugs” like ecstasy may be causing serious damage to their brain and memory according to a recent study. The club drug MDMA or ecstacy can cause problems to immediate and short term memory even if [...]

  • Parenting an Adult Addict

Parenting an Adult Addict

The responsibility of being a parent may never completely end, even after children reach adulthood and leave home to lead their own lives. Being a parent means always trying to lead your son or daughter in the right direction especially [...]