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4 Non-Addictive Ways To Manage Insomnia

Bedtime is difficult for many people suffering with various mental illnesses, not only addiction. At night, lying in bed, our thoughts can easily turn to all the most difficult aspects of our lives. We ask the unanswerable questions, remember everything [...]

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What Are Distress Tolerance Skills For Addiction?

Distress tolerance is a very useful concept to think about when recovering from addiction. Simply put, distress tolerance refers to your ability to withstand (tolerate) emotional pain or distress. When you start using drugs or alcohol, they quickly lower your [...]

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3 Tips For Dating As A Recovering Addict

Something that a lot of recently sober men grapple with is how to start dating again. For most people, dating is tough to navigate. You’re trying to show the best parts of yourself while figuring out what the other person [...]