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Dealing with Homeless Youth

Posted on: July 26th, 2018 by The Gooden Center No Comments

Dealing with Homeless Youth

Youth homelessness has been on the rise as the cost of living increases and many young people simply can’t afford housing. Even working a minimum wage job can make it difficult to cover the cost of rent in big cities like L.A. Young people that aren’t able to live at home with their parents can end up on the streets because they have nowhere else to turn.

Homeless youth often end up in temporary shelters while going to school and trying to work a part time job. One solution for the homeless youth provided by an organization in L.A. is to provide young people with affordable housing. Jovenes, a non profit group serving homeless youth, is helping alleviate the problem by buying houses and renting out rooms to young people at a price they can afford.

Many of the young people dealing with homeless still have goals and aspirations of becoming independent, finding sustainable careers and being able to afford their own home. Creating affordable housing provides an opportunity to help young people get on their feet until they eventually are able to move forward and reach their goals. Temporary shelters do not provide enough of an opportunity for youth that need a place where they can stay indefinitely until they become more independent.

Creating affordable housing by providing low rent rooms to homeless youth is a long term solution that can have a positive impact on the growing problem of homelessness in cities with high living costs. If young people are able to work, eat and survive then they can grow as individuals instead of falling into the endless cycle of poverty. Jovenes and other organizations working to reduce poverty and the homeless youth population are giving children and young adults a second chance at life.

Does Gaming Help or Hurt Teens Mental Health?

Posted on: May 13th, 2018 by The Gooden Center No Comments

Gaming and Mental Health

Teens tend to be more vulnerable to mental health issues because they are still growing emotionally and experiencing changing hormones as they continue to develop. Teens also deal with a lot of pressure to succeed academically and socially in their schools and they might struggle with feelings of failure. As a result teens are being diagnosed earlier with depression than ever before.

With a shortage of therapists and financial barriers that can prevent teens from getting treatment, studies have shown that technological solutions can actually be helpful for depression. Text message support services and internet programs have proven successful for teens and now a digital mental health startup is looking to expand into gaming as a solution. Traditional video games may have no mental health benefits but specially designed games can provide mental health improvement through a fun emotional fitness game.

PsycApps will be creating games that implement artificial intelligence in order to use the brain’s reward system for mental and emotional benefits. Artificial intelligence has been useful in psychology for some time and can make it easier for individuals to get psychological help without worrying about stigma or being judged. Mental health apps are growing in popularity and allowing people the freedom to receive treatment when and where they want.

Teens that are struggling with depression may be more likely to respond to digital solutions such as mobile apps, internet programs and video games designed to improve their mental health. These solutions are options that can make young people feel less stigmatized or ashamed of their mental health issues. Games can be useful either as an introduction to treatment or as a supplement to regular one on one therapy with a counselor.

The PsycApps games are set to be released at the end of May for therapeutic uses.