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Important Things to Consider While Choosing Drug Rehab Facility

Posted on: February 9th, 2017 by The Gooden Center No Comments

Drug Rehab Facility

Choosing to enter a Drug Rehab Facility center is a major decision that will cost money and time so anyone looking for treatment should be cautious about moving forward until they are certain it is the right situation. If you are suffering from a serious addiction, it is better to get treatment sooner than later but rushing into a decision could lead to disaster if you end up in a facility that doesn’t suit you and your specific needs. The unfortunate reality of addiction is that many people complete rehab treatment but still end up relapsing and eventually return to start treatment all over again. To avoid this from happening you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each treatment center you are considering so that you know you are going to be in an environment that will allow you to be successful. Each program is completely unique and has different services, amenities, and goals for their patients. There are certain things you need to think about before entering treatment so that you will be more prepared and ready to take on the program.

The Results of Drug Rehab Facility

First you should think about what kind of results you are expecting for yourself and where you hope to be when you finish your treatment. Then you can ask each drug rehab facility center what they consider positive results in their patients and see if they measure up to what you want. Some rehab centers might consider it a success if a patient simply gets through detox, attends meetings and is taking medication. Others might consider completing a month long program to be the best result or staying abstinent after returning home. Some drug rehab facilities might go the extra mile and want patients to find gainful employment and improve relationships with their families in order to be fully successful. Speaking with a consultant at a facility and asking them what type of results they normally see from patients can help you find out if it will work for you and what your personal goals are with treatment.

The Length of Stay for a Live in Rehab Facility

If you are certain that you want to sign up for residential treatment and live in drug rehab facility rather than opting for an outpatient program you should think about how long you want to stay. Every treatment program will have different options for their live in facility with some providing short-term and long-term and others having only one length of stay to choose. You should think about how much time you want to spend in recovery and what will be the most effective way to ensure that you are ready to return home. Some people with milder addictions might prefer a short term program so that they can get back to living their normal life and other people may need extra time because they have more issues that they need to address. The most common length of stay is 28 days but some people with very severe addictions may need up to 90 days to fully recover. Finding the right length of stay for you will give you a better chance of success in the long run.

Medication in Treatment Facilities for Drug Addiction from the Drug Rehab Facility Center

Something to think about when you are looking at treatment facilities for drug addiction programs is whether you will need some type of medication either to reduce cravings or to help with coinciding mental health issues. Some programs offer substitute medications for people addicted to opiates such as methadone, buprenorphine or Suboxone while they are in detox or even while they are attending a rehab program. If you think that your addiction is so strong that it will not allow you to get through recovery without some type of substitute then find a program that offers these resources. On the other hand, if you want to go cold turkey off of any kind of substances and focus on sobriety right away then avoid any program that offers these options. Rehab programs may also offer other types of medications such as Xanax or Valium for issues of anxiety, sleeplessness or pain. If you don’t feel comfortable having those options because you want to stay fully sober then look for a program that offers more holistic solutions such as nutrition and exercise for mental well-being.

Focus on Health in Residential Drug Rehab Facility

Some rehab programs may focus mainly on keeping patients sober but a more complete treatment should include some measures to improve the health of everyone in the facility. Studies have shown that most addicts who arrive to rehab are in a very poor state of physical health. Depending on the type of drug they abused they could have a variety of different health issues including malnutrition, intestinal problems, anemia and other illnesses resulting from nutritional deficiencies. People with addictions often neglect their own physical health and do not eat the right kinds of foods to keep their bodies in good condition. If you are concerned about your own physical health prior to treatment, look for a program that offers nutritional support and emphasizes patients getting proper diet and exercise. Deficiencies in a person’s diet can cause depression, anxiety, insomnia and a number of other issues that can make recovery much more difficult. A good nutritional and exercise program can lead to more success for patients in sober living and healthy.

Mental Health Services for Substance Abuse and Treatment

Drug Rehab Facility

Drug Rehab Facility

Aside from physical health you will need to think about what kind of mental health options are available at a rehab facility. If you have ever been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorders treatment then you will need to make sure the program accommodates these illnesses. Mental health issues can make addiction much worse and vice versa so it is important that any co-occurring disorders are both treated simultaneously. Even if you have not been diagnosed with any disorder but are worried about your state of mental health, make sure to find a facility that will provide you with a psychiatric evaluation prior to treatment so that you can be treated accordingly. You may have an undiagnosed illness or developing symptoms that need to be addressed before they get worse. Addiction can often cause mental health problems so a mental health treatment center with psychiatric resources is a good choice for most patients.

 Life Skills at Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Before choosing a rehab program you should look into what they offer in terms of teaching important life skills and any assistance with relationships or employment. Even if you are able to stay sober throughout rehab, once you leave the facility you will be faced with real life problems that can trigger stress and sometimes relapse. People in recovery need to make sure they have worked on a number of different life skills that will help them feel more prepared to face the world with confidence after treatment. Addiction can cause people to perform poorly at work and school and they might have lost their jobs or experience long term unemployment as a result of their substance abuse. They might also have broken relationships because of their addiction and experienced divorce or other types of separation from loved ones. Life skills training can help people in rehab to have better communication skills so that they can improve their relationships and build more confidence in the workplace. They will have the ability to handle their personal and professional lives without turning to drugs as an escape from problems.

Quitting Drinking at Alcohol Rehab Facilities

Some rehabs can be more general as far as the type of addictions they treat but if you are looking for something more specific then there are programs that focus on certain issues. People who want to quit drinking and don’t have any problem with other types of drug use may look for an alcohol rehab facilities that is designed for the issues that pertain only to alcoholism. Choosing a drug rehab facility with a more narrow focus may make it easier for you to relate to your peers in treatment and talk about how drinking specifically has affected you. Every addiction is different and comes with symptoms and behaviors that arise from the type of drug being used. Alcoholics may want to be in an environment that treats their illness alone so that they can feel that their individual needs are being met by the treatment staff. Although general rehab can also be effective, alcohol rehab may be the best choice for some patients who are concerned about their drinking.

Different Options for Detox and Rehab

Another thing to consider when looking into rehab programs is their requirements for detox before treatment takes place. It is crucial to get through detoxification in a professional facility before entering rehab and most residential programs require this first step. Some rehabs might incorporate detox as a part of their overall program and others may ask that you go to a separate facility unrelated to their treatment. You should talk to someone at the rehab of your choice and find out if they can offer detox or refer you to a licensed detox center that will prepare you to enroll. Planning your detox is one of the most important aspects of recovery because it will help get rid of your physical dependency on drugs or alcohol so that you can focus on the mental and emotional issues that keep you involved in addictive habits. Whatever choice you make for detox always plan to be in an environment with medical staff on hand so that you can get through withdrawal safely.

Locating Drug Rehab Facility Near Me

People may have their own personal preferences as far as the location of the rehab that they want to attend. Some might prefer to go out of state or somewhere far from their own city so that they really feel they are taking time away from their normal life and focusing on recovery. Others may feel more comfortable with a rehab that is close by so that they can continue to contact friends and family or incorporate them into their counseling sessions. The location of a rehab can actually be a significant consideration because it can either create a sense of comfort or anxiety treatment depending on the patient and where they want to be for treatment. You can look at a list of local rehabs to see if there is a suitable facility in your town or something relatively close by if you need to be within driving distance of your home.

Drug Rehab Facility as Help for Drug Addiction

Although there is a lot to think about when you are researching drug rehab facility, your top priority should always be to find a place that you believe will do the most to help for drug addiction. In the end only you know what your needs are and what will be the best situation for you. Talk to friends and family to get their opinion or ask for recommendations from someone who has extensive knowledge about addiction treatment. You should never take shortcuts when looking into rehab centers and should always talk to the staff at the facility to get an idea of what a typical day in the program looks like and ask them any questions that you need answered. When you find the right place for treatment you can start to think about what you can do to get the most out of your time there. Even in the perfect treatment program, it is up to each patient to put in the necessary work and follow the steps they need to take to achieve their sobriety goals. Addiction recovery is not something to be taken lightly because it can either end in a positive transformation or in a painful relapse. Success in rehab is possible as long as you are serious about your recovery and want to immerse yourself in the drug rehabilitation programs that you choose.

The Gooden Center Drug Rehab Program Can Save Your Life

Posted on: February 7th, 2017 by The Gooden Center No Comments

Drug Rehab Program

When someone becomes involved in drugs or alcohol and begins to engage in addictive behaviors, they may not realize that they are developing a serious disease. Addiction is a disease that is life-threatening and as drug use escalates the individual becomes closer to a possibly fatal outcome if they don’t get help. That is why drug rehab programs like the one we offer at the Gooden Center are truly saving people’s lives every day. Once an individual suffering from addiction is able to acknowledge that they have a problem, they must choose a comprehensive rehab program with a long-term approach to treatment. The Gooden Center offers affordable and effective treatment that will provide each patient with the skills that they need to remain sober and live a healthy lifestyle. With a variety of different services including family support, aftercare programs and personalized treatment, patients have the ability to change and grow in ways that will keep them committed to sobriety.

Where Can I Get Help with Drug Addiction?

Addiction is something that many people try to quit on their own terms but they quickly realize how difficult of a task it is to accomplish without a support system and a team of people providing treatment. Rehab programs at the Gooden Center can help you with your addiction no matter what your circumstances are or what type of problems you are dealing with. Getting help for drug addiction starts with admitting that you have a problem and this can be one of the hardest steps. Once you recognize that you need help you can reach out to your loved ones and work together to find the best solution to your addiction. Detoxification and treatment in a rehab center are the best ways to achieve recovery because they offer people with addictions the opportunity to understand why they became addicted and work on better coping mechanisms to keep them stable. There are often mental health issues underlying addiction and a rehab center will be able to address these issues through professional evaluation and treatment. Getting help with addiction means using the services of a treatment center to your advantage and relying on them for guidance.

How to Start a Substance Abuse Program

The initial phase of recovery begins with choosing a rehab program and finding the right kind of treatment option that will work best for you as far as achieving long term sobriety. There are different types of treatments depending on the severity of a person’s addiction and how much time they can take out of their schedule to focus on recovery. It is recommended that people with more serious addictions stay in residential treatment so that they can benefit from living in an environment that will keep them sober and help them change their behavior at every level. Residential treatment includes a very organized schedule filled with daily tasks that can keep you on track and always learning with a group of peers. For those with less severe addictions, you can choose outpatient treatment to get help for your addiction while still being able to live at home, work and care for your family. Each person entering a drug rehabilitation program needs to determine what type of treatment will work best for them before they can begin their recovery efforts. An assessment provided by medical staff can help patients determine whether residential treatment is necessary or if they can choose outpatient in order to meet important responsibilities.

Substance Abuse Detox Centers

For most patients entering rehab, the first step before starting their full treatment is to rid their body of the toxins and chemicals that are keeping them dependent on drugs or alcohol. The process of detoxification should take place in a safe environment filled with trained medical staff that can monitor each patient’s progress as they go through withdrawal. Detox centers are a crucial part of recovery because they give addicts the chance to start over and begin their journey to sobriety without worrying about the kind of physical dependency that can make it so difficult to abstain from substance abuse on your own. Detoxification means being completely clean and free from any substances for a period of time so that your body can cleanse itself and eliminate drugs from the bloodstream.

Detoxing before Substance Abuse Recovery Programs

Most rehab programs require that you complete detox first so that you can start your recovery treatment with a clean slate and no issues with dependency. Detox is a very difficult experience for many people and can include some painful withdrawal symptoms which is why a licensed detox center is so important. Withdrawal symptoms can vary with each individual depending on what type of drugs they were abusing and how often they used. In a detox center, you will not have to worry about withdrawal symptoms becoming too intense or dangerous to your health because medical personnel are available at all times to make sure you are comfortable and in good physical condition throughout the process. At the end of detox, patients will feel much more prepared to handle their mental addiction drugs because they have gotten rid of their physical addiction.

Starting Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Once you make it through detox, the next step will be to enter your drug rehabilitation program. If you have chosen residential treatment then you will be moving into the facility and getting adjusted to your new environment. Residential treatment at the Gooden Center is a place where you will be engaged and involved in activities throughout the day. Patients in treatment have very organized schedules so that they are always busy and involved in some type of therapeutic program each hour of the day. Patients have education groups, twelve step meetings, individual and group therapy as well as holistic treatment activities such as meditation, nutrition and exercise. In residential treatment, patients have all the support they need throughout the day to deal with any issues that are holding them back from recovery. Every day in treatment is an opportunity to learn more about their own addiction and understand the causes, symptoms and solutions for their addictive behaviors. Drug rehab programs are a place to begin the process of learning how to be sober with the help of professionals and peers that are there as a support system. Eventually the skills that patients learn in rehab will be used in their own daily life so that they understand how to manage their time and daily stress without turning to drugs as an escape.

Getting the Most Out of Drug Addiction Rehab Programs

When people with long term addictions first enter rehab, they may have reservations about treatment and wonder if the program will work for them. They may want to be convinced with concrete proof that rehab will help them quit because they feel afraid to fail. Rehab is a different experience for everyone and some people may find it more difficult than others but the important thing is for patients to be completely committed to their program. Your treatment team will provide you with all the necessary skills and support that will allow you to become permanently sober. However, in the end it is up to you to follow the rules, stay focused and open to learning and to put in the hard work that goes along with recovery. Each patient is given the opportunity to start over and change their behavior but they must be devoted to their recovery program in order to see the results that they want.

Community in a Drug Rehab Facility

Recovery is not only about commitment, it is also about learning to rely on other people and become part of a sober community. What can often lead to addictive behavior and even relapse is the tendency to let yourself be isolated and try to deal with problems alone. In recovery, patients learn how to reach out to the people around them for support so that they can get through tough times without falling back into old habits. Opening up communication about personal issues with peers in recovery, friends, family members and mentors can all help ease daily stress and make life more manageable. Patients with issues of depression and anxiety that accompany their addiction will find that having a support system reduces many of their symptoms and takes some of the weight off of their shoulders. Drug rehab facility include group therapy sessions and twelve step meetings as a way to foster a sense of community that will act as an important foundation of sobriety.

Incorporating Family in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Because much of rehab is about opening up communication and building a support system, it can be helpful for family to be involved throughout recovery. Relationships between loved ones can be strained after years of substance abuse because addiction can cause you to act selfishly and sometimes hurt the people around you. Family therapy can help relieve some tension and improve communication so that loved ones are able to forgive you for past wrongs and begin to trust you again. It is also important for family members to be included in treatment because they will need to learn everything they can about addiction and what they can do to help you stay sober. Family counselors are specially trained to deal with the sometimes complicated dynamics that can occur in family relationships. They can help facilitate ways for family members to bond and come together to help the patient in recovery.

Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention

A significant part of education and therapy in rehab focuses on preventing relapse because it is a serious concern for anyone that has an addiction. Even after months of hard work in recovery, there is still the possibility of relapse no matter what the circumstances may be. Patients will be educated in developing coping skills that will keep them from turning to substance abuse as a solution for any problems that come up. They will learn how to identify what their triggers are such as situations, places, people or certain feelings that make them want to engage in substance use. They can then figure out the best ways to handle these triggers such as calling a friend, meditating, going to a meeting, exercising or anything that will help them relieve stress and take their mind off of cravings. Even people who have been sober for a long time need to be careful and continue to take steps to prevent relapse.

Aftercare for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

A key element in living sober and preventing relapse is for patients to have plenty of support and resources available even after they leave the treatment center. The Gooden Center, like many rehab facilities offers options for aftercare treatments so that patients can have access to the help they need in order to get through the first few months of living on their own outside the facility. The transition from rehab into daily life can be very difficult because you will have to deal with real everyday triggers that can test your strength and commitment to being sober. Patients who stay in continuing care tend to fare better in the long run than those who don’t attend some type of aftercare program. Group counseling and meetings can be the best ways to stay involved in relapse prevention after moving back home.

How Rehab Helps Addicts

Before entering rehab, people struggling with addiction may feel afraid and uncertain about their future. Once they complete rehab patients will feel healthier, happier, more fulfilled and empowered by what they have accomplished. Rehab helps addicts by giving them a better understanding of their own disease and what they can do to manage the symptoms. Therapy and group meetings are educational opportunities where patients begin to realize what their addiction has done to them and how they can change their path to something more positive. Patients in rehab develop beneficial qualities like self-awareness, empathy, honesty, compassion, and responsibility. At the Gooden Center we help people transform from the inside out so that they become the best version of themselves. Our program not only saves lives, it allows people to lead more satisfying and meaningful lives as they learn to be sober.