• State of Emergency Called For Opioid Crisis

State of Emergency Called for Opioid Crisis

Cases of opioid abuse and overdose have been rising drastically in recent years, causing widespread concern for the health of the country. Recently a white house panel created by Trump recommended that the president to declare the opioid crisis a [...]

  • AgeOf Technology or Age Of Anxiety

Age Of Technology or Age of Anxiety

Our modern age has made us seemingly more connected than ever but what is the real impact of technology? People have become dependent on smartphones and internet access in order to communicate but they don’t always realize how the experience [...]

  • Taking A Mental Health Day

Taking A Mental Health Day

In a culture that often promotes workaholism and a strict adherence to the 40 hour week, a growing trend of the “mental health day” is helping Americans learn to take time off for self-care. A story recently went viral on [...]

  • Dieting and Depression

Dieting And Depression

There is no doubt that dieting can be challenging and stressful on your body as you struggle to fight cravings and old habits. Anyone who has been through a strict diet knows how hard it can be to avoid the [...]

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