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5 Ways to Break Free From Addiction

Posted on: March 30th, 2016 by The Gooden Center No Comments

Addiction doesn’t have to be a life-long sentence. You have the means and the tools to change that. You just have to know where to start.

Finding Help: The best place to start is with professional help. Get yourself into an addiction treatment facility in Los Angeles. Addiction treatment facilities help those who are suffering learn more about themselves, the addiction they struggle with and how to break the cycle of addiction.

Admit It – There is a Problem: Typically when you are seeking professional help for your issues with addiction there is a problem. Admitting that you are struggling and that there is a problem is the first step on the road to recovery. Denial can be a detriment to breaking the cycle of addiction and so by admitting there is an issue the recovery process can take root.

Sleep:  Is an underrated activity, but part of the early recovery process is allowing your body healthy again. When you cut out the actions that are contributing to the deterioration of your health your body starts to heal itself, and sleep is a major part of this process. By resting as much as you need, you’re helping your body excise the toxins from your system.

Participation:  By staying active in the treatment and recovery process you will give yourself a better chance to achieve long-term recovery. By participating in groups and activities in treatment you are able to build a common bond with those around you to start to build the foundation of support that is necessary for long-term recovery.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms: At work, being accountable to your boss can help you deliver the best results. In treatment it begins with process groups the treatment center has which are there to help you question past behaviors in order to build healthier mechanisms to cope with life. These questions help you examine where addiction has taken you in order to ensure that you understand the serious nature of the disease. Learning new ways to cope with the problems that life presents is all part of the process of recovery. Without these healthy ways of coping with issues like triggers you will be less likely to maintain long-term recovery.  

With enough time, practice and effort, you can put an end to your addiction. Recovery doesn’t have to take forever, so long as you’re willing to put everything you’ve got into getting better.  

Signs of Drug Use and Addiction – The 10 Most Common [Infographic]

Posted on: March 16th, 2016 by The Gooden Center No Comments

The signs and symptoms of drug addiction vary according to the individual and the substances they are using. The following represents the most common signs and symptoms of drug addiction.

Signs of Drug Use and Addiction - The 10 Most Common


Health Risks of Alcohol Abuse [Infographic]

Posted on: March 15th, 2016 by The Gooden Center No Comments

Many people know that heavy drinking can lead to cirrhosis of the liver and is a leading cause of automobile accidents. But did you know chronic drinking could also lead to cancer and heart attack? Check below to find out the consequences of heavy drinking.

Health Risks of Alcohol Abuse

3 Tips to Help Your Loved One Overcome Drug Addiction

Posted on: March 9th, 2016 by The Gooden Center No Comments

Knowing your loved one has drug addiction problems can be a tough reality to face. It is important to understand that addiction is a disease that centers in the mind and if you want to help this person overcome addiction, you will need to employ acceptance, love and tolerance.

If you care about your family or friend and want them to find a solution to the disease of addiction, there are a few things you need to know about the disease that can help you help them. Below, we discuss a few things that you can to help.

Finding Treatment

There are many different types of drug treatment centers in Los Angeles. If you are serious about helping your family member or friend, researching different options for them would help facilitate the process of recovery. Providing options to a person who is willing to seek help will give them the best possible chance for recovery. Finding a place where they are comfortable is important too because there needs to be a mutual trust that the process is going to help break the cycle of addiction.

Positive Support

Recovery from addiction is a very difficult situation for anybody to be in. Providing positive support and feedback is very important to help encourage the person going through treatment. Positive reinforcement is key in the early stages of recovery and it is something that is often overlooked by family and friends. Reminding them that you are there for them has a positive impact on their understanding they are doing the right thing.

Practice Patience

The road to recovery isn’t easy and definitely takes time. Things don’t change immediately over-night. Change starts to take effect as time goes on and the recovery process takes a hold and allows for growth and development.  Being patient with the process is important for you to understand because having realistic expectations about how the recovery process works is vital. Give it time, and accept the fact that recovery will take a little time for the process to change your loved one.

By understanding these points you can provide your friend or family member with the best support to recover from the depths of addiction.