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Freedom from Addiction in Los Angeles

Posted on: September 10th, 2015 by The Gooden Center No Comments

Addiction can be challenging emotionally, physically and spiritually. Despite the momentary escape, the high one experiences is soon replaced by downward spiral of emotion. When an individual is ready to seek help, they look for help and often end up at a treatment center where they can receive the care they need.

At The Gooden Center, men can find freedom from addiction at one of the best drug treatment centers Los Angeles has available. We provide the highest levels of care in a unique, patient-focused environment.

Getting the Help You Need

We know that you or someone you love may be in a vulnerable place at the moment of asking for help. This crisis point is in actuality the beginning of the road to recovery. If you can get the help you need at this critical point, you can begin to move forward towards an effective and lasting recovery.

We offer specialized care and treatment for men seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. By integrating family support with caring and attentive counseling, we are able to provide our patients with the tools they need.

Treatment Options

We recognize the value in both residential and outpatient treatment programs. That is why we make these two options available to individuals seeking care and treatment from alcohol and substance addiction. As one of the premier drug treatment centers Los Angeles has available, we are dedicated to providing the highest levels of care in both our residential and outpatient treatment programs. The outpatient program is best suited for those needing a lower level of care or for those who have already completed the Day program. The residential program is best suited for those requiring intensive treatment.

Recovery is Possible

Throughout the process, it is important to realize that lasting healing is available for everyone. You can get better and your chances are increased when you seek help from drug treatment centers Los Angeles facilities such as The Gooden Center.

If you are seeking recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, contact The Gooden Center by calling us at 1(800) 931-9884 today.