Christian Fellowship and Recovery

When you go through early recovery, your support network plays an invaluable role in the success of your journey. Many people find their faith-based support network is one of the most important social support groups they have. Therefore, belonging to [...]

Prominence of God’s Role in Recovery

God plays a prominent role in recovery for many addicts. One of the most famous recovery methods, the 12-step method created by Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s, heavily relies on a person accepting the power of God, or any higher [...]

Change Sufficient To Bring on Recovery

Personality plays a significant role in addiction. Many people talk about having an addictive personality, and this statement has a ring of truth to it. Certain personality traits can increase a person's risk of developing addiction -- and prevent the [...]

God Doing What You Could Not

Turning to a higher power during recovery has long been seen as a powerful tool in substance abuse treatment. The popular 12-step program, started in the 1930s by Alcoholics Anonymous and adapted by many other support groups and treatment facilities, [...]

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