Visualize Your True Self

At The Gooden Center we believe that within each person there is a vision of complete freedom. Our patients glimpse that vision, and it gets clearer and clearer as they move toward recovery.

Five Paths to Realizing Your Vision:

In collaboration with Gooden staff, each resident can choose the path or paths that seem most beneficial to him and travel at his own pace.

Residential Treatment

is our most intensive level of care. It takes place at the Bishop Gooden Home. Your “Recovery Family” will be other residents, addiction education groups, process groups, and counselors.

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Day Treatment

is available for patients who have completed Residential treatment or who may need regular “Care Management” while reintegrating into their daily routines.

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Outpatient Treatment

is available for patients who have completed Day treatment or who simply need a lower level of care during reintegration into the sober world.

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After Care For Life™

Any alumnus who wishes to return for the weekly After Care Group may do so. There is no time limit and these counselor facilitated groups are free.

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Mental Health Treatment

Mental Health Treatment is available for any patient with symptoms of mental illness in need of specialized care. Our program includes therapy and training to improve coping skills and reduce symptoms.

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There are also regular Family Treatment and Group Activities that are beneficial to the recovery process and fun to take part in.

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