Recovery and faith have long gone hand in hand. When a person is ready to get sober and finally end the vicious cycle of drug dependency and use, they must admit that they are powerless against their addiction and that it is time for them to turn their lives over to God.

This is why Christian recovery is such an effective and life-changing means of recovering for so many people. Faith based treatment offers tools for sobriety that make it possible for a recovering addict to find the strength and focus to stay safe and sober for life.

Faith Based Fellowship

One of the biggest advantages of a faith based recovery program is that it offers recovering addicts a chance at the kind of treatment that will include a community of other recovering addicts who can be available as a resource for one another as they continue on the life-long journey that is recovery. Part of faith based treatment often includes engaging in acts of community service, and there are many benefits to this.

When a recovering addict commits acts of kindness to others, they are in a position to feel much better about themselves. This heightened sense of self worth greatly decreases the chances that they will relapse. Acts of service are also a great way to meet other like-minded recovering addicts.

Community Offers Support In Troubling Time

One of the best tools that any recovering addict has at his disposal is the support of a recovery community that is sensitive to the needs and challenges that are specific to recovery. When a recovering addict faces triggers to use, such as stress, anger, depression, or a trying life event, they can turn to the fellow recovering addicts in their community for guidance and support. This community will be able to offer their own experiences and insights they have gained on their own journey in sobriety. As such, they will be able to help any struggling addict to realize that there is no trigger and no moment of weakness that is truly insurmountable in the eyes of God.

Using the Bible to Find Answers

The Bible is the best tools available when it comes to seeking guidance in anyone’s life, and this is certainly evident in few places more clearly than in the world of recovery. It is inevitable that a person who is recovering from addiction will face moments of struggle, and the wonderful thing about faith-based recovery is that it offers the best type of life guidance available to anyone who is undergoing a struggle of any kind: The Bible.

The Bible offers words of guidance and wisdom that can be used by anyone, no matter what the situation is that they are going through. Faith-based treatment uses the wisdom and inspiration in The Bible to help a recovering addict forge their own private path to sobriety. This allows for a way of thinking and living that makes it possible for a recovering addict to face sobriety with faith and confidence.

Faith, Community, and Life After Treatment

When a person is in treatment, they have certain protections afforded to them. A person in treatment may be surrounded by far less triggers than they would outside of treatment, and in the protected space of treatment, procuring drugs or alcohol will not be possible at all. A faith-based community offers support for a recovering addict long after they have left treatment. This community will keep them motivated to continue to work at their sobriety and to live their life in accordance with the teachings of The Bible.