Making the choice to get clean and sober is a major life event that comes with a tremendous amount of rewards. Sobriety offers a chance for total life transformation and gives many addicts a second shot at life that they may have never thought was possible.

Anyone who is at any stage of recovery knows that one of the most important tools that they can have in recovery is a good relationship with God. A relationship with God is what makes it possible to navigate the sometimes rocky seas of recovery. In fact, God and being clean and sober go hand in hand.

God is Present During Bad and Good Times

Life is full of ups and downs, and when you get sober life continues to happen. Sobriety offers you a chance to handle life’s challenges with a clear mind and it is important to understand that life does not get put on hold while you get sober. You will have to make choices in sobriety that are difficult, but there is one who can help!

When a person has a history of addiction, the first place they used as a solution to challenging situations is drugs and or alcohol. This is because alcohol and drugs can seem like the easy way out but in reality this is the crippling nature of addiction and alcoholism.

A Reliance On God

Substances are, of course, not a solution to problems. They are merely a way of temporarily dulling emotions. When a person has begun to recover and live a clean and sober life, they can turn to God in order to express gratitude and to ask for help in troubling times.

A reliance on God can provide solace for even the most challenging of life’s obstacles. Recovery does present its own set of unique challenges. Triggers and the desire to use will always be a part of staying sober, and a relationship with God offers support for those problems as well.

Guidance For Tough Questions

One thing that can be so difficult about being newly sober is the fact that a recovering addict is often carving out what is for the most part a brand new life for themselves. Recovery means letting go of destructive behaviors and thought patterns and beginning to find behaviors and life paths that will support growth and evolution.

The problem with this is that it can sometimes be challenging to know which path to take or what action to partake in. Luckily, through prayer, a recovering addict can have a conversation with God wherein they can ask for answers to some of their most probing questions. This can be a highly invaluable tool in helping to find the best and most productive and healthy course of action to take.

Your Relationship With God

One reason that addiction is such a damaging disease is that it can destroy so many important aspects of an addict’s life. When a person is addicted to drugs, they may often behave in ways that are hurtful to those around them.

Recovery centers its focus on how people can become less reliant upon alcohol and drugs as a solution to the stresses of everyday life. Recovery also focuses on how acts of service can take you out of self. By treating others better, one can feel better about themselves and be more assured that they are making healthy and productive decisions.

Asking For Inspiration

God and inspiration from the Bible can help a recovering addict to make sure that they are in fact taking actions that allow them to be the best person they can possibly be. There are many verses in the Bible that illuminate the best way to treat those around us, and through prayer one can find answers to questions about how best to relate to the people they are most close to.

God is truly the most important and limitless resource that any addict has available to them as they continue their quest to live a safe and happy life, free from the destructive and dangerous force of drug or alcohol abuse and addiction.