There are many different types of recovery programs, but what they all have in common is that their aim is to help addicts to transition from being riddled with addiction to being sober, healthy, and able to live a happy and productive life. Of the many types of addiction treatment programs, Christian treatment in particular has been shown to be very effective in helping addicts to stop using over the course of their entire lives.

There are many reasons why Christian recovery is in fact one of the most effective means of finding sobriety. The best way to understand why Christian recovery is in fact so effective is to understand the basic ideas behind Christian recovery. Here are some of the main tenants of Christian recovery and the ways in which they can help recovering addicts find the health and peace they need to stay clean, sober and happy.

God and Recovery

The Christian recovery community recognizes the power of God and the ways in which He can provide the strength, support, and clarity that is necessary to work through the obstacles that are inherently a part of recovery. God provides everything that an addict has been looking for in drugs or alcohol but was not able to find.

The Christian recovery community recognizes that God makes everything possible and that He is the answer when it comes to learning to grow as a person and seeking the help that is available for those who are struggling with issues of addiction.

Finding Guidelines To Stay Sober in The Bible

The wonderful thing about The Bible is that it provides answers for spiritual and moral rejuvenation that we need to know in order to face addiction head on. The Bible provides strength, inspiration, and a never ending resource when it comes to guidance on how best to live as a Christian in recovery.

Christian recovery uses the principles set forth in The Bible to help build and strengthen the life tools necessary to get sober and to rebuild relationships that may have been deeply damaged by addiction.

The Christian faith believes that there is a devil and that he is deceptive and addictive. The devil, much like drugs and alcohol, is addictive and manipulative and can provide constant temptation. A Christian recovering addict understands the power of the devil but has faith in God that he will be able to avoid the trappings of sin and the devil to lead a righteous and holy life.

All Sinners are Saved Through Christ

No man can say that he has never sinned, but with the power of forgiveness and the ability to repent for sins, it is possible to be reborn in Jesus’ name. Christian recovering addicts believe that the sins they committed, possibly while using, can be forgiven and that they can hope to have a new life with the Lord. This is a fact that can bring tremendous hope and joy to any recovering addict who feels sorry for the things he has said and done.

Spirituality is a Part of the Human Experience

In order to truly be alive, it is necessary to lead a rich spiritual life. Because no man is above sin, it is necessary for all men to have a relationship with God so that they may be reborn and live their lives according to the teachings of Jesus. With Jesus, it is possible to make strides in growth that were previously unimaginable, and the incredible things that lie ahead when we devote our lives to God and sobriety are beyond our widest dreams.