Living with a drug addiction is painful for both the addict and their family. It is common to feel as though there is nothing you can do and the situation will never change. Taking the first step to seek drug treatment may seem like an impossible task or that it will only lead to a relapse. The Gooden Center is a Los Angeles drug treatment center that can help you and your family find your way back to your true self.

A successful drug treatment is built on the willingness to attempt and make the right choices each day. At the Gooden Center we offer cutting-edge residential addiction treatment for those who want to change their life for the better. Our approach to drug treatment is to provide you with the tools you need for effective recovery skills.

Our Program

Our drug treatment program at the Gooden Center is customized to each individual’s addiction treatment and psychological needs. We provide small, intimate group sessions and our highly trained addiction therapists will help you address all of the core issues that are contributing to your drug use.

During Treatment

Residential treatment at the Gooden Center is a structured living arrangement that helps you develop your much needed recovery skills. Your days will consist of group sessions, exercise, detox monitoring and recreational activities. As your treatment progresses, your program will include more intensive individual therapy and group sessions as well as comprehensive techniques to help you survive drug free after leaving treatment.

Although you are the person receiving the treatment, a drug addiction is a family reaching disease and it causes harm and havoc to everyone it touches. For this reason, we encourage your family to remain in contact and be involved in your treatment. Drug addiction is a life-threatening disease; fortunately our skilled and experienced staff at the Gooden Center in Los Angeles can help you overcome your addiction to drugs.

The Gooden Center

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