Is Moving Away Helpful in the Recovery Journey?

Quitting an addiction is a time of great change for people as they learn to navigate a whole new lifestyle and way of being. It may seem like relocating would add too much stress to the process but it can actually be a great way to start over and avoid many of the triggers and pitfalls associated with recovery. Moving away from your old life both literally and figuratively can be a useful way to get through some of the obstacles preventing you from becoming sober.

Attending rehab in a new city or moving to a new place after completing treatment can have its challenges but there are many important benefits. Relocating gives you a fresh start so that you can be in different surroundings with new people, a new job, and new activities to keep you occupied. No one will know about your past so you can have a clean slate without anyone knowing about your past.

Moving can also be helpful for people that are currently in a negative situation and need to create a new and more positive life. If they are surrounded by friends or even family members that abuse drugs or alcohol or toxic relationships that bring them down then moving can give them a better recovery experience. Steering clear of the triggers that could lead to relapse is much easier when you are in a completely new place.

Of course moving may not be the answer for everyone especially if they have a more supportive group of friends in their home town or a group meeting where they are making progress. Moving is only the right choice if you feel that your current situation will hold you back from fully recovering. Relocation is something important to consider as a first or final step of recovery.