Trouble Finding a Job After Rehab

After recovering from an addiction, it is important for former patients to get back into the workforce as soon as possible. Having a job gives people a sense of purpose and prevents distraction and too much free time that can be dangerous for newly recovered. However, there can be many obstacles and setbacks that can make it hard for someone in recovery to find a job.

Those new in recovery may feel uncertain about finding employment because they have certain issues which may look bad on their resume or on their background check. They could have a long gap in their employment history due to issues of abuse, losing a prior job or spending a long time away in treatment. They could also have negative aspects of their background such as arrests, jail time or a DUI.

In spite of these issues, many people in recovery are still able to find regular employment by companies that are willing to hire people with histories of abuse or even past legal issues. It can be helpful to talk to a counselor about how to improve your resume or explain gaps in employment to a potential employer. You can figure out how to highlight certain skills or experience that may minimize other aspects of your resume that may seem like red flags to a new job.

A good place to start when looking for a job is to use your connections to get you through the door. If you haven’t worked in a while you can ask friends, family members or even old coworkers if they know someone who is hiring. This can help you bypass some of the hiring politics so that you are able to get started with a new job quickly.

It can be helpful to have reasonable expectations about your employment. You may even consider starting at a lower level job and working your way up so that you can rebuild your resume and focus on your sobriety.