Substance Abuse

People that struggle with addiction often live with a deep sense of denial about their problem until they reach a very low point. Often their rock bottom can be when they are arrested for a DUI or land in jail for drug related crimes. In some cases, going to jail can be a wake-up call for people with addictions that their substance abuse has become a problem.

A large majority of inmates in prison are addicted to substances like alcohol and heroin. Dealing with an addiction while in jail can be difficult and painful as many prisons are not equipped to provide the medical care necessary to quit. Being suddenly cut off from their substance abuse can be very stressful and even dangerous for people with serious addictions.

One of the best options for people who have been arrested or landed possible jail time is to attend a treatment center for their addiction. Drug courts are sometimes an option that allows offenders to enter rehab rather than having to serve a full sentence. This option can be life saving for people that simply need to get help and are not involved in violent or more serious crimes.

For some people that serve shorter sentences and don’t have access to drug court, their time served in prison can help be a jump start for getting sober. For others it can be a difficult experience that may cause them to relapse because of the lack of proper treatment. It is crucial for any scenario that the offender enter a treatment center whenever possible so that they can avoid any jail time again in the future.

When addiction becomes so serious that it leads to problems with the law, it is important to get professional help in any way possible and end the abuse.