“As a nonprofit organization, The Gooden Center is governed by a Board of Directors. Our Board is a committed group of volunteers from the community with tremendous credentials and experience and a passion for the mission of The Gooden Center. We help raise money, oversee the executive director and serve as a link between the wider community and the marvelous work that is carried out at BGH every single day. Because of its reputation, Board membership at The Gooden Center is considered to be a privilege.”

John C. Cushman, former Board Chairman

Board of Directors

  • Matthew Dupon, Chair
  • Jeffrey Farnum, Vice Chair
  • Mark Fagerberg, Secretary
  • Marleen Scheffy, Treasurer
  • Christof Bove
  • The Rev. Thomas Carey
  • Horace “Hoss” MacVaugh
  • Bennett Root, Jr.
  • Claudia Shields, Ph.D.
  • Alexander Winter


  • Thomas J. McNulty, Pharm. D., CEO