Primary Mental Health Treatment

Our home-like settings offer a bridge for our clients between hospitalization and a transition back into the world. Under our care men and women will work on coping skills, medication compliance and undergo therapeutic treatment specifically tailored to their needs. Unlike other organizations that offer “dual diagnosis”, we are fully licensed by the State of California to practice Mental Health treatment.

Men and Mental Health

The Gooden Center offers a men’s mental health treatment program, designed around the specific needs of men and administered by professionals with years of experience. Our men’s facilities offer a retreat from the stressors of our client’s environment, with the goal of successful reintegration into the stream of life.

Women and Mental Health

We deliver a women’s mental health program with residential treatment, where patients stay in our home-like care facility with a group of other women. We also offer partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and long-term aftercare.

depressive disorder
anxiety disorder
bipolar disorder
post-tramatic stress disorder

What We Treat

schizo-affective disorder
mood disorder
drug-induced psychosis
self harm/suicidal ideation
personality disorders
thought disorders

What a Day at The Gooden Center Looks Like


Residents in our facility will live according to the following schedule, which varies from day to day. This is just a snapshot of the week:

8:00 – Breakfast/Morning Medication

9:00 – Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Group

10:00 – Walk & Meditation

10:30 – Coping Skills Group

11:30 Lunch

12:30 – Process Group w/ Program Director

12:45 – Break

1:45 – Vocational Skills Group

3:00 – Music Group

5:00 – Dinner

6:00 – 12 Step/Support Group

Begin the next step in your life.

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Where We Treat Our Clients

Hochman House – Men’s Facility

Holliston Court – Men’s Facility


Los Robles – Women’s Facility

La Crescenta – Women’s Facility

What To Bring With You

ID/Driver’s License – Insurance Card – 2 Weeks of Clothing – Toiletries – Medications – Phone/Charger – Pillow – Feel free to bring snacks – Reading material – Pens/Art Supplies – Guitar – Computer/iPad – Yoga Mat/Tennis Shoes