Our home-like settings offer a bridge for our clients between hospitalization and a transition back into the world.  Under our care men and women will work on coping skills, medication compliance and undergo therapuetic

Men and Mental Health

The Gooden Center offers a men’s mental health treatment program, designed around the specific needs of men and administered by professionals with years of experience. Our men’s facilities offer a retreat from the stressors of our client’s environment, with the goal of successful reintegration into the stream of life.

Women and Mental Health

We deliver a women’s mental health program with residential treatment, where patients stay in our home-like care facility with a group of other women. We also offer partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and long-term aftercare.


What We Treat

  • depressive disorder
    anxiety disorder
    bipolar disorder
    post-tramatic stress disorder
  • schizo-affective disorder
    borderline personality disorder
    gender dysphoria
    mood disorder
  • drug-induced psychosis
    self harm/suicidal ideation
    attachment issues
    personality disorders
    thought disorders

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Where We Treat Our Clients

Hochman House – Men’s Facility

Holliston Court – Men’s Facility


Los Robles – Women’s Facility

La Crescenta – Women’s Facility