The Gooden Center sober living facility has accommodations for people from every walk of life. Our highly trained staff is available around the clock to ensure we provide the best treatment to our patients. With over 40 beds on the premises and meals provided daily, our Los Angeles Drug Rehab facility offers multiple reasons to choose us.

The Process

If you or a loved one decides Gooden Center Los Angeles Drug Rehab is right for you, the steps to take are simple. Offering interventions for those who need the extra help to make the decision, the staff at The Gooden Center are sure to help you reach your goal getting sober and help you learn how to live sober.

We offer five different methods of treatment:

  • Residential Treatment – For those who require a more hands on road to recovery.
  • Day Treatment – For patients who have completed residential treatment, day treatment is designed to assist patients when returning to the real outside world.
  • Outpatient Treatment – For those who require a lower level of care.
  • Sober Living – Where fellow patients in a community setting surround patients. Here, group interaction plays a big role in the recovery process.
  • Aftercare – Past patients of the Gooden Center Los Angeles Drug Rehab facility return to hold counseling sessions for those seeking treatment or guidance.

We are available to help you change your life no matter which type of treatment may meet your needs.

Is Rehab for You?

If you have ever asked yourself this question then there might be a chance that you might want to look into what treatment has to offer. It is very difficult to be able to recover from the depths of addiction without help. Treatment can help explain why it is extremely difficult to recovery from the throes of addiction without help.

Our Los Angeles Drug Rehab facility can help you to live the life you have always wanted to live, but the process starts with your willingness to change. The Gooden Center will help you see your full potential and give you the tools you need to achieve that full potential.

The Reward of Life

The feeling you will receive when you have completed treatment at our Los Angeles Drug Rehab facility will be one of the most gratifying you’ve experienced. Taking control of your life is a huge feat that many people never accomplish. Let us help you on your journey to save your life. We can assure you this decision will be the best decision you make.