Are you or someone you care about struggling from a damaging addiction? You should know that there is a beneficial solution. With addiction treatment in Los Angeles, patients struggling to regain control of their lives can rest assured that they are surrounded by caring, supportive people who will do all they can to help them.

What Happens During Addiction Treatment?

Addiction treatment involves intensive therapy, support groups, and journaling. One of the most intensive levels of addiction care is known as residential treatment. Clients stay for several days at a nice treatment center, where various activities, groups, meditations, and meals are scheduled every day. They can learn how to communicate better and strengthen their abilities to resist the impulse to relapse.

Clients who have struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and have relapsed after other treatment programs can definitely benefit from residential treatment. There are also other treatment options, such as outpatient care where the client does not reside on the premises of the treatment center, but rather will attend meetings daily in order to allow for the client to still participate in their lives.

What Happens after Treatment Is Over?

The staff, counselors, and other residents at the addiction treatment know how hard it is to try to get over your addiction on your own. The world outside the treatment center will not always be so supportive and understanding, and temptation lurks around every corner. That is why the treatment involves several levels to help clients gradually be able to adjust to living their everyday lives free from addiction. The staff and counselors will help you form healthy habits, and former clients who often return to the center to share their stories of struggle and success will offer encouragement and support.

In addition, after, the therapy is over, after care groups are almost always available to provide extra confidence and reinforce the clients’ desire to remain addiction free. Family activities are often available to help the clients to reconnect and bond with their loved ones, and to enable the families to understand what they can do to help. A harmful addiction is a hard battle to fight, but you are not alone. With the help of addiction treatment in Los Angeles, you can take back your life and regain your health and self-confidence.