How can I motivate my client to consider treatment?

While initially resistant to suggestions for treatment, many find a confidential free assessment as a much easier step to take. An onsite assessment interview with one of our admission counselors often motivates the individual to consider treatment seriously.

Can I continue to work with my client while he’s in treatment?

We appreciate the insight and rapport you have with your client and the work you have already accomplished. We encourage you to attend our weekly clinical staffing meeting to discuss your client’s progress in treatment. Your ongoing relationship stands to not only fortify his work with us, but also direct his aftercare planning.

What is the typical client profile?

The Gooden Center is a Twelve Step spiritual based program for men. Our younger clients (18+) are typically from an upper-middle class socioeconomic background. They are bright, but often have difficulty with emotions or make poor choices that result in their family reacting with reduced trust. Our older clients (45+) have typically struggled with alcohol/drugs and have a history of in-patient treatment and 12-step meeting attendance. A co-occurring Axis I or Axis III medical diagnosis must be manageable enough so as not to prevent participation in treatment.

Can my client afford treatment?

The Gooden Center is an extremely affordable, accredited treatment program. Our Standard Rates are among the lowest in Southern California’s low cost drug rehab and within reach of most families. We provide a Subsidized Rate for those needing financial assistance to make treatment possible. Through the generosity of our individual and foundation donors, scholarships may be available to help the man who is highly motivated but has very limited financial resources.

What family services are offered?

The Gooden Center strongly encourages family members/ significant others to attend the Family Intensive Outpatient session. It begins with an Alanon panel followed by the Education component on roles, communication and emotions. In a closing Multi-Family group the goal is to decrease toxic elements and increase a healthy balance in their relationship. Groups are led by one of our certified alcohol and drug counselors or our clinical director, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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