We understand the family often recognizes the need to get a loved one, perhaps a father, husband, son or brother, into a Los Angeles drug rehab program. When the attempts to talk to the individual are met with anger, denial and hostility, it can be very difficult for the family to feel they are getting though.

The Gooden Center offers the opportunity to set up an intervention. Our process is much different than what you may have seen depicted in the movies or on some television shows. It is a process and does take planning and effective management skills to facilitate a proper intervention.

When to have an Intervention

It is always important to try to handle these things privately. Sometimes if a wife, sister, mother or daughter talks to the man about the effect the drinking is having on their relationship, and sometimes you will see progress happen, but oftentimes this is a rarity.

More commonly there is denial, anger or blame, continuing to try to talk is just going to make the situation worse and more hostile. Calling us will allow you the proper foundation to help our trained interventionist create a healthy and productive meeting.

How to Plan

Our interventionist will talk to you by phone, or perhaps meet in person, and discuss how the intervention will occur. Typically it is done in a home or a comfortable setting, and only family and close friends will attend.

During an intervention, each person will present a short message about how the addiction has changed the behavior of the addict, and how this has impacted them. It is not about blaming or shaming; it is about discussing actions that are causing real concern.

The message is about seeking help and getting support from the people attending the intervention. When you have an expert from our Los Angeles drug rehab facilitate the meeting, immediate admission can often be arranged if the man is willing to seek treatment.

What to Expect

It is very common for the professionals providing intervention services to see anger, denial and extreme emotional reactions from the addict. In some cases, the individual may refuse to consider treatment through our Los Angeles drug rehab, but it may still plan the seeds of making a positive change.

If you have any questions or if you are thinking about an intervention, contact our staff at Gooden Center. We can answer your questions and provide an interventionist if this is something beneficial for the family.