Parenting can be stressful and full of frustrations along with the ups and downs of raising a child. Many parents feel that they need some type of medication to keep them calm and cope with the rollercoaster of parenthood. More parents than ever are taking some type of pill such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds or other prescription to help them through their daily lives.

For many parents, the problem can start with post-partum depression which can affect the mother and the father. This is a common issue that people experience when they have their first child and aren’t prepared to deal with the overwhelming stress of caring for an infant. Doctors may provide post-partum moms or even dads with anti-depressants so that they can continue to function normally.

Children can trigger anxiety and depression for many people that are sensitive to sudden change and the unpredictability of being a parent. In fact, parents experience depression at twice the rate of the general population. Parenting is not easy for anyone and those who are more vulnerable to depression need to be careful when it comes to raising children.

It may be helpful for some parents to take regular medication such as anti-depressants if they are recommended by their doctor or psychiatrist. It may make it easier for the parent to handle their emotions and stay stable for the sake of their family. Anti-anxiety medications can be helpful too but it is important that they are not abused or taken in large doses.

Parents struggling with raising a child may be hesitant to take medication but it can be a helpful temporary solution if their depression has become a problem. Eventually some may want to wean off of their medication and focus more on long term solutions like regular therapy sessions to improve their emotional life and stress levels.