Is It ADHD or Something Else?

Disorders like ADHD are complex and often misunderstood by people looking for a diagnosis for certain symptoms. It is crucial to get an accurate diagnosis for something like ADHD as taking the wrong kind of medication or not getting proper treatment can be harmful to a person’s well-being. Different disorders can often share certain symptoms so a complete evaluation is necessary for issues like ADHD.

Some possible problems that may share symptoms with ADHD include high or low IQ, oppositional defiant disorder, personality disorders, mood disorders or even medical conditions that cause inattention and impulsivity. It can be difficult to tell which issue a person is experiencing especially with young children who may be having trouble focusing or are having behavior issues. Children who are restless or impulsive may be exhibiting normal age-appropriate behavior but others may have underlying problems.

Children who have trouble paying attention in class can potentially have low IQs that are affecting their ability to function well in educational settings. On the other hand, high IQs can have the same effect because gifted children may feel under-stimulated and bored in their environment. In many cases, the children may have an average IQ but be suffering from a disorder that causes them to be disruptive or defiant.

Children or even adults with ADHD may behave in ways that show issues with focus, mood and discipline. Emotional outbursts may be common or hyperactive behaviors that make it difficult for them to be good students. Even though you may identify certain symptoms that may look like ADHD, there are many other possibilities to consider.

Evaluation and diagnosis is critical to the health of a person that may have ADHD or any other issue that affects their attention. Getting treatment specific to their particular issue can help ensure a faster recovery.