Members of the band Korn are taking on a whole new endeavor as they work to promote a new documentary they are involved in, entitled “Holy Ghost.” Korn is a band that has been together since 1993, and includes members Jonathan Davis, Reginald Arvizu, James Shaffer, Ray Luzier, Brian Welch and David Silveria.

Over the course of their more than twenty year career they have enjoyed a tremendous following and many fans who see the band frequently at one of their many live performances. Korn’s hits have included songs like “Freak on a Leash,” and “Follow the Leader,” and their involvement in this new film marks a direction that is somewhat uncharted territory for the band.

The Documentary “Holy Ghost”

The film that Korn will be appearing in “Holy Ghost,” is a documentary that is directed by a man who has been responsible for many highly successful Christian documentaries. Darren Wilson, who previously made films like “Finger of God,” “Father of Lights,” and “Furious Love,” has announced that the film he has made proves without a doubt that the Holy Ghost does in fact exist.

The film was shot over the course of seven months and, like many other documentaries, uses a combination of interviews and footage to tell a compelling story about the real existence of the Holy Ghost. Darren Wilson was able to raise money to make his film via a popular crowd funding source called Kickstarter. Kickstarter allows individuals to fund their projects online using smaller donations from a large number of people.

Many filmmakers have found that sources like Kickstarter are very effective in helping to raise money for a project that supports a specific belief system because the very people who would like to see the film are the ones who can support it financially from the project’s on set. “Holy Ghost,” is, to date, the most popular Christian movie in history to raise funds on Kickstarter. It was able to raise as much as $360,000 in just over a month.

A New Kind of Film

There have certainly been a number of films that have explored the them of the Holy Ghost and the Lord, but this is perhaps the first documentary ever to raise the assertion that it can definitively prove that the Holy Ghost is not only real, but a major life force that impacts the lives of every single person in the world. It features stunning imagery and footage that is sure to be as awe inspiring as it is jaw dropping.

The members of Korn are not the only artists who chose to collaborate with Wilson to make this groundbreaking film. They are also joined by singer songwriter Lenny Kravitz and Country Music Television personality Michael W. Smith. With such a wide variety of artists participating in the movie, many sources believe that the film will reach a very broad audience and that it will be a movie that many different types of people will be able to relate to.

The Many Ways Of Preaching

In today’s modern society, many Christian artists have found great success in getting the word of God out by using their artistic skills to create content that is as entertaining as it is helpful. Darren Wilson’s previous films are a great example of the way in which a strong Christian message can be conveyed to an audience of varied backgrounds and tastes.

Many Christian musicians who have found recovery from addiction through the practices of Christian based recovery have also found that they are able to spread the Christian message by creating music that is catchy, inspirational, and appealing to all different types of listeners. The Christian community is sure to continue to grow artistically.