More than twenty three million Americans suffer from addiction, but around sixty-four percent of people have an addict as a prominent figure in their life. If someone you close to you is struggling with addiction and has fallen into a hole that it seems impossible to get him out of, there are ways to help your loved one find the help they need. Certain approaches should be taken in order to ensure that the person in question gets on the road to recovery.

Do: Research a Rehab Center

Finding a treatment center in Los Angeles for your loved one is a very important step to helping him reach sobriety. Often times, rehab centers will help you stage an intervention if it is close by. Just having a rehab center in mind to bring up in an intervention or confrontation with the affected person can be a great tool of persuasion.

Don’t: Get Dragged In

People struggling with addiction will most likely try to get you to drink or do drugs with them the first chance that they get. Don’t give in to the temptation even if they make a bargain with you because then you would be contributing to their addiction. Be the friend they need and make sure that you are providing a positive influence in getting clean and sober.

Do: Stage an Intervention

If you are going to stage an intervention, make an effort not to criticize the person. Instead, come from a place of compassion and love. No one wants to be criticized for his or her shortcomings, so being as gentle and understanding as you can be can help get your addicted friend on your side. If you are accusatory and condescending, then it will be easy for the person to push you away and hide inside their shell of addiction.

Don’t: Choose a Thirty-Day Program

If you can avoid it, try your best not to choose a thirty-day rehab program for your loved one. This is because after a thirty-day program, if at all possible look to try and secure a 60 to 90 day treatment program. The stability and foundation built in early sobriety is an integral part of long term-sobriety.

Dealing with a person struggling with addiction is one of the hardest things you will probably ever have to do. Those struggling with addiction need to know that they are loved and that there are people out there who truly and deeply care for them. Show them the compassion that you would want if you were in their situation and with that understanding, help them kick their addiction and lead a new life.