Do You Need Anger Management or AA?

Everyone experiences anger from time to time but in certain cases, feelings of anger can become problematic. When someone has frequent emotional outbursts of anger or feel that they can’t control what they say or do when they are angry then it may be a sign of a disorder. If anger seems overwhelming and leads to a lot of negative consequences and broken relationships then it may be a sign of an anger disorder.

People with substance abuse issues frequently also deal with anger problems as the two are often related. Someone with anger problems might drink to ease their feelings or their more aggressive side may be revealed when they drink. When both issues are connected it may be important to go to both anger management and alcohol treatment.

Some people with alcohol issues can become violent when they drink, especially if they have anger control issues. Quitting alcohol will be a crucial part of coping with their anger and minimizing the consequences of their angry outbursts. In the same way, someone who is trying to become sober will need to address their anger issues that may be driving them to drink.

Those dealing with anger issues often have emotional difficulties that they are having a hard time resolving. They may suppress many of their feelings, believing them to be inappropriate. As these feelings build up they may eventually be expressed as uncontrollable anger in an outburst of rage.

Anyone struggling with anger issues should get treatment from an anger management center that can provide them with strategies and skills to cope with their anger. An alcohol problem that is connected to anger issues also needs to be addressed in order to achieve improved mental wellness. Therapy, anger management and AA meetings can all be useful in healing from anger problems.