Anyone who has a bad habit of any kind understands that even when the intention is there, changing a behavior is a much more difficult process than it may seem at first. Even when the intention is there, it is very possible to slip back into destructive behaviors.

Regardless of how aware one may be that their behavior is in need of a serious adjustment. Spirituality plays such a large role in changing destructive and unhealthy behaviors both in and out of recovery.

Even when changing stubborn behaviors seems difficult or even impossible, it is possible to stop engaging in them by using the power of faith and the strength that comes with a solid relationship with God.

Faith and Finding the Answers

Behind every destructive behavior, there is a root cause. Sometimes, it can be easy to get lost in the process of attempting to change a behavior without actually delving into the reasons that behavior is occurring in the first place.

Many stubborn and destructive behaviors occur because of something that happened to a person a long time ago, and for this reason it can be difficult to accurately assess why and how a behavior is occurring. Through the power of prayer, it is possible to delve deep into ourselves and to find answers that we were not even aware were there.

When we are able to do this, we can address the true cause of dangerous behaviors, which is the most effective way of ensuring that these behaviors can be permanently changed.

Strength in God

It is never easy to change a bad behavior. If it was, few people would have bad habits at all. Once a behavior has become a habit, it is very difficult to stop engaging in it. As one stops behaving in an unhealthy manner there will undoubtedly be moments when they are tempted to slip back into old behaviors or when the temptation to engage in old behaviors is simply too strong to resist.

This is why having a relationship with God is such an important part of changing an unhealthy and destructive habit. God is always there to provide strength and guidance in times of weakness. Through prayer, it is possible to find a bolster that will allow one to make it through the struggle of overcoming even the most persistent temptation.

Getting in Touch With One’s True Self

One of the wonderful benefits of having a strong spiritual life is being able to enjoy the benefits of truly getting to know one’s self. It is very easy to lose track of one’s true self in today’s society, where everyone is constantly bombarded with stimuli and with messages that may be damaging to a person’s sense of self worth.

The stronger a person’s spiritual life becomes, however, the more likely it is that they will have a good sense of who they really are. This is particularly important for recovering addicts, who are generally in the habit of “covering up” any strong emotions with a drug or other type of controlled substance or activity.

In order to stop engaging in this type of destructive behavior, it is important to be in touch with one’s true self so that it will be entirely evident when a behavior is occurring that is harmful or counter to the goals that a person has set forth for themselves. Developing a rich spiritual life also helps cultivate a respect for one’s physical and mental health, which can greatly diminish the desire to engage in behaviors that may lead to damage, sadness, and further destruction.