Having kids is hard work. You raise them, provide for their needs, and love them like there’s no tomorrow. That’s not the end of it, though. You also need to keep an eye out for them, keep them safe, and make sure they come to no harm.

But what happens if they lose their way? What do you do?

Drug Abuse in Kids

According to Drug-free, the number of deaths by overdose for young adults has increased five times its level since 1999. The rise in deaths can be attributed to easy access to prescription drugs.

Globally, the US represents about five percent of the world’s population, says DoSomething.Org and accounts for about 75 percent of prescription drugs taken. 60 percent of teens in the US found to have abused prescription drugs said they get the drugs for free from family and friends.

Also, facts point out that more teens die from abusing prescription drugs than from using heroin and cocaine combined.

What You Can Do

Given all those facts, it can be a little scary to think that your children might have access to prescription drugs that could lead them to develop drug addiction habits early on.

Here are some tips on how address drug abuse with a proactive approach:

  1. Monitor prescription drugs in your home. Make sure you know when prescription drugs in your home start disappearing.
  2. Set healthy boundaries. Being a friend to your kids shouldn’t stop you from being their parent. Healthy boundaries will help encourage a sense of trust which will allow your children to feel comfortable asking questions about drugs and alcohol experimentation.
  3. Knowing your children’s friends offers a number of benefits, and can help you stay active in their lives by being able to ensure they are around positive influences.
  4. Make the rules clear, by making sure your kids understand that it is wrong to do drugs you can instill an attitude which will ensure that they have knowledge about why drugs and alcohol are not healthy options for them.
  5. Be open with your children. It’s important that they know they can tell you anything that bothers them or upsets them. That way, they’re less likely to use drugs to deal with their problems.

With these tips, you can take a pro-active approach in educating your children about alcoholism and drug addiction. Follow these tips and you’ll breathe easy, knowing your kids are happy and drug-free. And if it happens, that one day, drug addiction does become a problem, give them the best chance at a successful recovery by choosing our excellent drug treatment center in Los Angeles, The Good Center. With the quality of our staff and service, it’s a good option to consider.