If you’re participating in our Day Treatment or Intensive Outpatient groups you may be eligible to reside in one of our Men’s Sober Living houses or cottages near our treatment center in Pasadena. We have a total of 47 sober living beds throughout our healthcare system. Meals are provided, and a house manager oversees each sober living for men.

Why Men’s Sober Living is best?

One of the main challenges of living in sobriety is simply finding ways to practice good habits on a day-by-day basis. Living among a group of people committed to sobriety can be profoundly helpful in the long-term recovery process. Our Men’s Sober Living houses can be a great way for people to build up a supportive and stable atmosphere after treatment is completed.

Sharing Life Lessons

A major strength of Living in Sober facilities is that they allow the formation of good, honest relationships with people who understand and care about what you’re going through. Sober Living encourages a sense of honesty and open sharing. We have found that the more personal information you reveal, the more likely you are to give or receive help. This sense of openness and honesty involves a very high level of vulnerability for everyone in the group. At Sober Living for Men, it takes serious work to make sure everyone feels comfortable sharing their inner truths with each other. But when it happens, the road to recovery gets that much easier.

Sober Living Center For Men