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A dual diagnosis describes a condition in which a mental illness is combined with substance abuse addiction. At the Gooden Center Treatment Services, we offer dual diagnosis residential treatment for patients who need this type of care. Our intensive and caring treatment has helped patients to recover from their addictions so they can build meaningful and satisfying lives. If you or a loved one needs specialized care at a dual diagnosis treatment facility, we are committed to helping you receive the care you need.

Premier Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment

As one of the leading dual diagnosis treatment centers, we offer care for patients on site who need a residential treatment program. This allows us to provide a higher level of care than what is available with outpatient services. Without the distractions and stress of daily life, you can feel confident getting the trusted care that can make a significant difference in your life.

We are aware that you have different choices when deciding on the best dual diagnosis rehab centers. That is why we have set the highest standard of care for patients in need of dual diagnosis treatment programs. It can be challenging to get the trusted care you need from friends and family. That is why dual diagnosis treatment facilities are available to provide the quality services and the type of expert care needed for both addiction and mental illness.

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