The Gooden Center Promise.

As a nonprofit organization, the main advantage The Gooden Center has always possessed over the for profit oriented treatment centers is two fold: the quality of our treatment, and the relationships that we make along the way. Each of these resources is treated with the care and respect that they deserve.

The Gooden Center promise is one of a continuing, mutually beneficial, partnership.

Treatment Phases at The Gooden Center

Residential Treatment Center

RTC or Residential Treatment Center is the most in-depth mental health treatment option. You visit our Pasadena mental health clinic and stay with us, in a home-like environment. Here, you receive personalized care with 24/7 monitoring, full support from a caring and empathetic staff, and full access to a range of complementary therapies throughout the day. Our inpatient mental health treatment program is delivered over 90 days, complete with a non-repeated DBT program, daily ACT and CBT groups, and one-on-one therapy. Every visitor receives daily access to gym, exercise, nutritional therapy, and other programs designed to improve your health and wellbeing for the long-term.

Out Patient Programs

Our Partial Hospitalization Program delivers the same 90-day DBT program delivered with our base residential treatment, with ACT and CBT groups, plus one-on-one therapy, typically delivered over 5 days per week. Normally sessions last 3-8 hours, and you return to your own home for the rest of the day. Our PHP program offers a structured and highly supportive way to seek out mental help while still fulfilling responsibilities, taking care of family, and otherwise, living your life.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP offers a lighter mental health treatment solution, delivering 3-8 hours of counseling and therapy 3 days per week. These programs deliver non-consecutive treatment, but still offer personalized treatment and support as well as access to complementary therapy such as nutritional therapy.

After Care

Mental illnesses cannot be cured. For many of us, they remain recurring issues throughout our lives. It’s crucial to continue to follow up and to continue to seek treatment. That’s why the Gooden Center offers a free aftercare program to our alumni.

11 Reasons to Consider GOODEN

1. Gender Specific Treatment. Our gender specific programs can allow a client to feel more comfortable exploring sensitive and personal issues.

2. Surprisingly Affordable. Higher priced programs don’t add up to better treatment. Our costs are among the country’s lowest, with scholarships available for those who qualify.

3. Insurance Accepted. We are contracted with most health insurance plans, including Blue Cross, Cigna, United Behavioral Health, Aetna, Value Options, and many others.

4. Alumni Support and Mentoring. Thousands have passed through the Gooden Center’s “Halls of Hope.” Many volunteer to help others make the journey, even donating money to assist those with limited financial resources.

5. Accredited. The Gooden Center is Accredited by CARF – the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. That means we’ve met several hundred quality standards for business practices and clinical excellence.

6.Family Support. Family members are strongly encouraged to participate in weekly three-hour group sessions. Many continue family sessions after their loved one has been discharged.

7.Twelve Steps to a Better Life. AA’s famous Twelve Step program is central to a client’s experience at The Gooden Center. They have helped transform the lives of millions throughout the world.

8.Personalized Treatment Options. At The Gooden Center we don’t believe in cookie cutter treatment programs. Every recovery is unique, just like every man or woman.

9. Inclusive Spirituality. We draw on traditions from Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Native American spirituality. Every client is free to find his or her own path.

10. Over 50 Years Experience. What started in one stately house in Pasadena has become eight beautifully restored homes and cottages that provide men and women with a sense of home, encouraging completion of their treatment.

11. After Care For Life™. Any alumnus who wishes to return for the weekly After Care Group may do so. There is no time limit and these counselor facilitated groups are free.