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Christian Drug Rehab Opens In China

China has long been a country that has struggled with the crippling effects of drug addiction and the ways that highly dangerous drugs can impact an entire society. Hundreds of years ago, opium presented a widespread and severe risk to the Chinese population.

Today, however, the most popular drugs in China are stimulants like speed, which are very popular because of how cheaply they can be bought. China’s problem with speed and other drugs has reached such a critical mass that many health experts agree it has become a full-fledged epidemic. As many as 12 million people in China are currently struggling with severe drug addiction.

On region that has been hit particularly hard by the current epidemic is the Yunnan. In order to help combat the devastating effects of drug abuse in this region, a Christian Aid Mission Center has opened its doors in Yunnan. This drug rehabilitation center has been designed to help the people in the Yunnan region to find health and sobriety through Christian teachings and theology. 

Christian Based Treatment Offers an Alternative to Government Programs

New Birth Garden is a Christian rehabilitation center, which first opened their doors in 2007, have proven to be a very popular and effective alternative to the government run treatment centers in China, which are also set up with the intent purpose of helping ailing addicts find the peace and health they need to recover from addiction.

China currently has hundreds of treatment centers available throughout the country, but the number of citizens who are suffering from addiction simply greatly outweighs  the number of treatment centers that are open and available for treatment.

The Christian based treatment centers accept patients who admit themselves to the program voluntarily. These patients commit to eighteen months of treatment, during which they have access to highly effective faith based care that uses the teachings of The Bible and the fundamentals of Christian beliefs to help heal patients in a lasting way. 

Enrolling in the Program Means A Commitment to Excellence

In order to be eligible for treatment at New Birth Garden, patients must sign an agreement acknowledging that they are willing to commit to devoting themselves wholly to Christian recovery. This means that they will engage in prayer, read scriptures, and attend worship gatherings, which will help to cultivate their relationships with God and to bring them closer to a place of peace and wellness where they will be able to stop using in a long lasting and meaningful way.

Because the program is designed to address serious issues, it is not intended to be done quickly, nor does it offer residents a quick fix when it comes to addressing addiction. what it does offer is perhaps the most effective and meaningful type of treatment available: faith based treatment, which actually helps drastically enrich the spiritual life of a recovering addict. 

Yunnan Region and the Drug Epidemic

The need for effective drug treatment in the Yunnan region is so great because of the fact that the Yunnan region is so vulnerable to the occurrence of dangerous drugs like speed and heroin. The location of the Yunnan region is such that drugs like heroin are commonly trafficked through there as part of what is very often referred to as the “Golden Triangle.”

Since faith based treatment centers have been set up in the region, many recovering addicts have found tremendous success as they are ready to set up a new life that is led in accordance with the teachings of The Bible. This type of recovery has given many addicts hope and a new lease on life.