Los Angeles Rehab

It’s a tough decision to look for help for an addiction and try to get into a rehabilitation program. Even when you’ve begun to recognize the damage that alcohol or drugs have done to your life, it can be daunting to make the effort to finally choose to quit and check into a Los Angeles rehab center.

At Gooden Center we’ve found that there are quite a few things that have made our clients reluctant to enter treatment at first. Here are some of the common barriers that prevent people from seeking treatment and how you can overcome these barriers to get the help you need.


Checking into a Los Angeles rehab creates a certain stigma that comes with being labelled an addict. Even in modern times, many people still don’t understand that addiction is a complex problem that spans far more than the individual’s ability to control their behavior. As a result, people considering recovery are fearful of how the stigma of addiction might affect their relationships or their job.

This stigma and some of the difficulties in relationships is one of the reasons why an effective Los Angeles rehab includes family therapy in its services. It is important to educate both families and clients to create understanding and perhaps even strengthen their relationships.

The Possibility of Failure

With any patient that completes a rehab program there is always a possibility of relapse. In many cases this can actually be a normal part of the process of recovery and does not mean that the person has failed. People considering recovery may have a lot of fears that they might relapse or fail in some way to succeed in their goals. Although you may stumble or make mistakes in recovery it never means that you have failed. Sometimes relapses do happen but the good news is that each time you go through a Los Angeles rehab program you increase your chances of making a full recovery. Each effort toward recovery makes you stronger and more stable. It is a natural human instinct to fear failure but you should not let it keep you from getting help.

If you are worried about how to maintain your success after completing treatment then our Sober Living program can help. It allows you to practice sobriety in a supportive and understanding community. This will help you transition from rehab back into your everyday life. Our dedicated alumni have experienced successful recoveries through Sober Living and many have remained sober for years. Their example will show you that there is no reason to fear failure if you need to quit an addiction.

There’s No Time for Rehab

Many people may feel they are too busy with either work or school, to give the time and effort to fully address an addiction problem. Whatever the reason may be you may feel that you can’t give up your regular life for full-time treatment. You may need to keep your job to pay the bills and support your family so rehab does not seem like an option with your current schedule.

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program addresses this issue with flexible schedules that allow you to get much-needed treatment at times of the day that will work for you.

If you’re still in doubt, give us a visit or a call here at Gooden Center. We’re willing to talk about your fears and concerns. We’re sure that you’ll find that our team of experts are among the most experienced and understanding that you’ll find in any Los Angeles rehab center. We can provide you with a plan that will help you beat your addiction for good.