If you are reading this, then you might be suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism, or know somebody in the depths of their addiction. It is important to understand what somebody who is suffering from addiction is going through and what some of the signs of struggling might be. The road to sobriety is a long and hard one, but the outcome of recovery can be incredible.

Here are just a few of the many signs it may be time to seek addiction treatment in Los Angeles:

You Just Keep Drinking/Drugging

Going to a party and having a couple of drinks is not the same as being an alcoholic just as smoking pot once or twice a week doesn’t make you a drug addict. The alcoholic struggles with stopping once the drinking starts. They can never have just one drink because there is always that compelling need to keep running alcohol through their system. A drug addict will often do anything just to get that one fix, including being sneaky and stealing money from friends.

Chasing the Illusion

Something that seems to be a commonality is that those who suffer with addiction are most often trying to achieve the feeling they got the first time they drank or used drugs. This means that often times; an alcoholic will have a continuous cycle of deprecating behavior which ends with swearing off their actions. In reality there is no choice for the alcoholic, they seek to achieve the initial rush of their best drunk.

Pitiful and Incomprehensible Demoralization

This is a term reserved for those who are suffering from addiction and alcoholism. When you can no long choose when to partake with your drug of choice is when the pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization sets in. When instances keep popping up like when you begin to wet the bed night after night of drinking, may point you in the direction of seeking help. Your kidneys can’t handle that kind of pressure and you need to give your liver time to recover, as well. Losing control of your bodily functions is a serious sign of a problem. Anytime you lose control of your bodily functions, there is definitely a cause for concern.

You Often Can’t Remember What Happened Last Night

Blacking out is something that occurs when a person has too much to drink and body just can’t handle it anymore, so it shuts down. If you find that you are blacking out more and more frequently, then you have a problem.

Alcohol and drug addictions are no joke and they should be treated whenever the signs are evident. If you or a loved one has an addiction, then staging an intervention and finding treatment is the best thing that you can do.