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Joseph Habedank On Prescription Drug Addiction

The gospel group The Perrys is one of the most famous and beloved young group on the Christian Rock music scene. Many people love The Perrys because of their young, fresh, and upbeat sound, which combines catchy melodies with inspirational Christian messages.

The former lead singer of the Perrys, Joseph Habedank, recently left the group under slightly unclear circumstances. Habedank had performed with The Perrys for over ten years when he announced in May of 2013 that he and the band were splitting ways.

Many fans of the band were confused by his departure, as  it came just after the group’s bass singer had suffered from a stroke. Now, more than a year later, Habedank has revealed that he has long struggled with prescription drug abuse.

Leaving the Group: The Ultimatum

As information about Habendank’s prescription addiction has surfaced, details have emerged that describe his exit from the group as being the result of an ultimatum handed down by other members of the group, who became aware of Habendank’s problem and told him that if he was going to continue abusing prescription drugs, he could not be on the road with them.

It is very common for the people who are close to an addict to be the ones to call attention to the severity of an addict’s problem and to point out the fact that their addiction has begun to take a severe toll on their life and on the people around them.

Often, when the loved ones of an addict point out the severity of their problem, an addict is able to leave behind the state of denial under which they have been operating. This state of denial allows addicts to continue using because they are operating under the belief that they do not actually have a problem.

Addicted to the Feeling

At the time that Habendank was confronted by his fellow members of The Perry’s, he is reported to have been taking as many as ten to twelve prescription opiates per day. He originally received the pills as part of a prescription for treatment of a throat ulcer.

It is very common for people who are addicted to opiates to have been introduced to the drugs as a result of a legitimate prescription. Habendank recalled the sensations he felt when he was using, and said that he simply fell in love with the feeling prescription pills gave him. Opiates are highly addictive, in part because of the severe reaction they create with the brain’s reward center.

Hope in Treatment

After realizing and admitting that he did in fact have a problem, Habendank checked into Cumberland Heights Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center, where he attended a thirty day in patient treatment program. He also attended over 90 support group meetings and continues to cultivate his sobriety in a number of ways, including by helping other addicts in need to get the help they need in order to get healthy again.

Since becoming sober, Habendank has found a new passion in helping to address the needs of prescription drug addicts within the Christian church. Habendeck believes that prescription drug abuse is a major problem within the Christian church because it is a type of drug abuse that may be so easy to justify, in part because like Habendank, many people who abuse prescription drugs have been given them by their doctors.

Because of this, prescription abuse may become quite severe before an addict seeks the help they need. Habendank hopes that the renewed lease on life he has gained through sobriety will be an inspiration to others.