Gooden Center
A residential drug treatment center for men located in Pasadena, CA. The Gooden Center is a proud member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

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191 North El Molino Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101 US

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Gooden Services

The accredited Pasadena drug rehab facility The Gooden Center is one of top facilities in Southern California. The Gooden Center offers different treatment options and services from the beginning stages of recovery like interventions and detox to sober living and after care services. Services include:

1. Interventions and Detox

Gooden Center can refer families seeking help for their loved ones an intervention specialist to help them organize an intervention and get them on track to accepting professional treatment. If the intervention is successful and the patient is admitted to Gooden, they will receive a detox prior to their treatment program. Detox can last days to weeks and is supervised by medical professionals when necessary.

2. Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is the most intensely structured treatment options as patients reside within the facility for 30 to 90 days. These patients are engaged in personal therapy, group therapy, counseling, classes and other activities throughout the day. Residential treatment is geared toward patients who have a history of relapse after previous treatment. Usually patients who enter treatment for the first time are given then residential treatment option.

3. Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient care usually takes place in the evenings or on weekends as patients may have other priorities like school, work or children to take care of. Not all addictions are severe enough for 24/7 care in residential treatment and can work on recovery at this level.

4. Sober Living

Some patients may already have finished their treatment programs but still not be quite ready to divulge back into their old settings. These patients are given the option to reside in one of the homes near the Gooden Center that allow more freedom but still provide drug tests and support when needed.

5. After Care

Once you become a patient at Gooden Center you stay part of the Gooden family for life. There is no limit to when former-patients are not welcome to support meetings and alumni play a big role in recovery at Gooden.