Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is a long and challenging process during which a recovering addict evaluates all of their beliefs and behaviors and begins to take the steps necessary to achieve an evolved sense of consciousness that will allow them to live a happy and drug free life.

In order for treatment to be successful, it is necessary for an addict to find a program that suits their needs and individual personality. Many addiction health experts believe that the best environment for recovering addicts is in a single gender program. There are many benefits for male recovering addicts who choose a program that is for men only.

Tendency Toward Addiction

Studies have shown that men are more likely than women to suffer from addiction. An all male program allows recovering addicts to work with their counselors and therapists both individually and in groups to identify some of the roots of addiction that men in particular may be particularly vulnerable to.

When dealing with patients, the therapists at an all-male recovery center can focus their treatment on the ways in which the male mind operates and tailor discussions and treatment plans to address these specific roots and issues. This ensures that there is a direct and to the point plan of action for the patient in addressing their issues of addiction.

Men and Women Have Different Hormones

A big part of addiction is, of course a recovering addict’s emotional state. Emotions like anger and sadness can make a person more susceptible to using. Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol certainly also brings about many severe emotions, in part because for the first time in perhaps a long time, a recovering addict is experiencing their emotions rather than numbing them with drugs or alcohol.

One factor that certainly has a huge impact on emotions is a person’s hormone levels and which hormones are particularly dominant at any given time. Men and women have different hormone levels and tend to deal with emotions in different ways. A gender specific program accounts for the way emotions and hormones impact the male mind.

Freedom of Expression

A major part of most recovery programs is some kind of group therapy. Group therapy, along with twelve step programs, allows a recovering addict to relate to others who have been through similar life experiences and who are undergoing many of the same struggles as them.

It is very common for a recovering addict to experience a sense of loneliness or isolation as they recover, and group therapy can help an addict realize that they are not alone in their struggle.

In order for group therapy to be truly effective, it is important that everyone involved feels safe and comfortable and able to share their honest experience. For many recovering addicts, it is much easier to do this in an a group that is comprised of their own gender.

Recovery is Not a Time For Romantic Interests

Most counselors and therapists advise recovering addicts to avoid romantic relationships for as long as the first year of sobriety. Although most patients in any given treatment program understand this, treatment is a very emotional time and it can be easy to fall into the pattern of developing feelings for another addict while in treatment.

This can impact the effectiveness of a treatment program and distract a recovering addict from the work that must be done on themselves in order to make the transition from someone who uses to someone who lives a clean and sober life.

Attending an all male program removes this possible distraction and can thus greatly improve a recovering addict’s chances at success. Choosing the right program is certainly an important step in making sure that treatment works the way it is intended.