Social Media Addiction

Social media websites are known to be addictive and have negative consequences on our mental health in many cases. People can be bullied online, suffer from low self-esteem or become depressed because of their social media use. However, there are cases in which social media can be used positively as a way to connect with others and create a sense of community.

Websites like YouTube have actually been proven to have a much more positive effect on users than other sites like Instagram. YouTube has become a powerful way for people to speak to others directly and reflect on their emotional and mental health. People can share similar experiences with each other and talk about how they cope with personal stresses and struggles as well as give others advice and strategies that worked for them.

Other sites like Tumblr have also proven to be more positive places for people to share their creativity through writing and multimedia content. People are able to interact and connect with each other while discussing topics of mental health such as depression, anxiety and self-harm. Users provide one another with support and advice on how to cope with their issues and when to seek help.

Although social media overall has gotten a bad rap when it comes to mental health, some have more of a positive impact than others on user well-being. In the end it comes down most of all to how users interact and take advantage of opportunities online to connect and discuss their mental health openly or look for advice and help from others. The way that we interact has been forever changed by social media and being careful to use it positively can ensure that users can avoid developing issues with depression or low self-esteem.