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A residential drug treatment center for men located in Pasadena, CA. The Gooden Center is a proud member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

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How Addiction Treatment In California Became Popular

And unique approaches to treatment that have helped many with recovery.

The California rehab center is well known to many who stay on top of celebrity gossip. Despite being a place where out of control actors and rock stars go to get away from the spotlight, California rehab centers also really provide effective treatment.

Yes, they do stay in business from the many celebrities, public figures, and other characters that the state is known for. But some of the most innovative and effective treatment for drug and alcohol addiction happens right here in California. Here are a few reasons why.

A Client Focused Approach

Contrary to what you may think rehab should be like, the most effective treatment puts the patient at the center of the process. They work with a case manager, therapists, and even their own peers to develop a plan that places recovery at the forefront. Instead of working hard to conform to an already set treatment plan, patients are encouraged to explore their individuality, discover their strengths, and take control of where their life is going.

This does something that no other addiction treatment has done: builds a recovering addict’s strength from the inside out. When you become aware of your self worth and inner strength, you begin to realize that drugs and alcohol don’t have to be in control of your life. This is what a client based treatment plan is all about.

Emphasizing Community

Another thing many substance abusers struggle with is a sense of loneliness and isolation. During treatment, a patient has numerous opportunities to connect with others and grow through mutual support. Group therapy sessions, activities, and volunteering keep the connection with others going.

By being able to extend a helping hand to others in need, as well as learning to accept help themselves, a patient realizes that their community of recovery is there for life. This continues well after leaving the rehab center through 12 step meetings and other activities.

Options For Extended Care

Studies have proven that continuing treatment after leaving rehab greatly reduces the risk of relapse and contributes to a successful recovery. There are several options for extended care. It all just depends on an individual’s situation and needs, and life responsibilities. Day treatment is a more structured option for those who can benefit from continued guidance. Daily activities last about 6 hours and can coincide with living at a sober residence. Intensive outpatient treatment is less frequent and allows an individual to pursue career or school obligations at the same time.

Three hours, three days a week are enough to keep a person focused and connected with the recovery process. After care is normally offered free of charge for a lifetime for alumni of a rehab center. After care activities typically involve dinners or speaker meetings that allow individuals to continue to share their experiences, as well as stay connected with others.

Specialized Treatment

There are other rehab options available for those with special needs. These include Christian rehab for those who want to reconnect with their faith while making a recovery. Holistic treatment using mind body techniques such as massage, meditation, and yoga to achieve a whole body approach to recovery.

Single gender rehab is also a popular option for those who want to remain focused on the recovery process. Determine what your main concerns are. California is sure to have the treatment center that’s right for you.