Our alumni community is diverse. The men quoted in the following testimonials range in age from 18 to 78. They are married and single. Many have now had their families restored. Some were students when they came to Bishop Gooden Home or Gooden Center; others were highly educated professionals and still others were retired.

Several religious backgrounds are represented as well as those with no religious background. When clients complete the Satisfaction Survey after their first 30 days in the program, many elaborate on their feelings about the program and the direction of their life. Some of their thoughts are shared here with their permission.

“This is Frankie in Phoenix, AZ (2009 alumni) just dropping you a note to say hello. Hope you’re doing well and thank you for helping me get sober. Still not drinking any alcohol since January 20, 2009. Sending you my thanks and my love. Hope you’re doing well and I hope this message finds you.” – Frankie Z.

“Bishop Gooden Home has offered me the perfect environment for establishing a solid foundation of recovery. I came to BG because I was about to relapse again and I felt this was my only hope of avoiding disaster. Now I am enthusiastic again about attending A.A. and G.A. meetings, working the steps, having a sponsor and praying for strength from a power greater than myself. Thank you “BG” from the bottom of my heart.” – Randy J.

“I found a great sponsor from the Gooden Center alumni, and we are vigorously working the 12 steps. Gooden Center is an anchor in my life – a vital part of my recovery.” – Adam H.

“Bishop Gooden Home has given me a chance to turn my life around. My family and friends are grateful they are getting the old Tom back.” – Tom C.

“The fellowship and camaraderie I’ve gained are amazing. I loved my time here and the freedom I had as it helped me step back into the real world.” – Nathan C.

“Before, I had no friends. People didn’t want anything to do with me. Today I can walk proud and look people in the eye, while speaking the truth. Today I have serenity.” – James N.

“The Gooden Center showed me that I could change from being an active drug addict to having a life of recovery. My mother is so happy now. I am proud of myself for sticking with the program one day at a time and accepting God’s gifts.” – Mitch S.

“The Gooden Center allowed me to regain certain values and rebuild my self- esteem. My family is very happy with my progress and positive attitude in contrast to the self-pity I had before. I have made amends to my family and started to re-establish the closeness we once had.” – Ron L.

“I cannot express the gratitude I feel in a few words. My life is completely new. I believe in God and have a whole new set of priorities. I am sober, which now means I am living life instead of avoiding it.” – Kris F.

“Bishop Gooden Home took me in, showed me how to use the steps to have a life that is loving, joyous and free. I will never forget the attentive staff, the great food, and the brotherhood of the residents.” – Terry M.

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