Gooden Center
A residential drug treatment center for men located in Pasadena, CA. The Gooden Center is a proud member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

(626) 356-0078
191 North El Molino Avenue Pasadena, CA 91101 US

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Affording Recovery

Getting an addict to accept treatment can be one of the hardest things to do. It is very unlikely that an addict or alcoholic will seek rehab on his or her own or even accept rehab when given as a solution at an intervention. Accepting treatment could take countless interventions and the patient could leave after being admitted just after a few days. When an addict willingly accepts treatment and wants to follow through with their treatment program after their long struggle, the last thing that you want in their way is not being able to afford it. Unfortunately this happens all the time and those crucial moments when addicts wave the white flag and accept professional treatment and want to recover can be jeopardized.

Finding a low cost LA rehab that offers quality treatment is few and far in between. It would be great for every rehab to be affordable and accepting of every patient and their family in need of their services but unfortunately that is not the case. Financing plays a big role in admitting patients to a treatment center and payment options and other financing issues can become the forefront of the situation instead of their loved one’s health. This is unfortunate, but treatment centers would not be able to function properly if they were free or did not have certain fees.

Although quality low cost rehabs are rare, they do exist, and the Gooden Center is one of them. The Gooden Center understands that those who need treatment and ask for treatment should be given treatment. The Gooden Center staff works with patients and their families to develop a payment plan that works for both parties. The Gooden Center accepts insurance and grants and even offers scholarships and receives donations so they are able to provide their patients with a new start.